Many things make Rice University unique from other institutions, and one of them is how it was founded. Its inception was inspired by William Rice (a real estate businessman) who stated that he wanted a higher education institute named after him. In his will, he included money worth today’s $128 million for the development of the school. The establishment of Rice University began in the 1900s and became operational in 1912, 12 years after Rice’s death. Now, Rice University is one of the best universities in the U.S. both in research and teaching. Read on to find out more about this private institution in Houston, Texas, and the acceptance rate at Rice University.

With a population of 6,800, Rice University has one of the smallest student bodies in the country. Its undergraduate enrollment is just over 4,000 students and 67% of students receive financial aid for their studies and accommodation. The percentage of full-time teachers is 79%, which is quite good for such a small research institution. The ratio of in-state to out-state students is almost 50:50 with very high ethnic diversity. Rice University, however, does not offer distance learning at the moment.

The university has 60 different degrees under 20 distinct fields (45 majors). Most of the programs at Rice University grant either Bachelor’s of Arts or Bachelor of Science. Over 1,000 students are awarded these degrees annually. Some of the famous programs at Rice University are Artificial Heart Research, Nanotechnology, Space Science, and Signal Processing. Its research activities receive a funding of up to $140 million annually according to recent statistics.

In 2010, Times Higher Education (THE) recognized Rice University as the best research institution worldwide in material sciences. Its undergraduate teaching is also rated as the best in the country, and that fact can be backed by the roles its alumni play in society. Apart from training the best CEOs, Rice University has seen some of its alumni become congressmen and run government offices. Its close ties with NASA have created job opportunities for some of the students aspiring to become astronauts. To be part of Rice, you need to be an exceptional student because of the very low acceptance rate at Rice University.

There are seven residential colleges at the university offering affordable accommodation to its students. Those who want to become media personalities have a chance to experience it firsthand at the university’s media house. The student-run media has a weekly magazine series and a live radio broadcast. Rice University is also active in sports with its football, basketball, and baseball teams recording impressive results in their respective divisions.

Acceptance Rate at Rice University

Due to the size of the institution, its admission process is very selective. The reputations and high standards of studies appeal to many students, making it even more competitive. In the previous cycle, the acceptance rate at Rice University was 11%. To be among the 11 accepted students in a group of 100 applicants, you will need to meet certain requirements.

Submission of your ACT and SAT scores is one of the most important stages of the application process. On average, successful applicants have a GPA of around 4.2, which is quite high due to the competition. Recommendation letters from your teacher and counselor might also help strengthen your chances.


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