California State University, Sacramento AKA Sacramento State, CSU Sacramento or Sac State was established in 1947. It is a state-run university and is part of the California State University System comprised of 23 universities all across California. The 300-acre Sacramento State campus is located in an urban area of Sacramento. It’s a great place for those who like to live in a big city. Though technically urban, the campus is however covered in more than 3,500 trees – giving the campus a very green, park-like university feel. It was actually declared as the “Tree Campus USA” by Arbor Day Foundation in 2012. I hope that this article on the Sacramento State University acceptance rate is helpful!

There are 8 colleges that comprise the university. These are Arts & Letters, Business Administration, Continuing Education, Education, Engineering & Computer Sciences, Health & Human Services, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, and Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies. Through these colleges, Sac State offers more than 150 bachelor’s degrees, close to 70 master’s degrees, 28 teaching specializations,s, and 2 doctorates. There is also an extension school in Singapore that offers an International Masters in Business Administration (IMBA).

Every year, there are more than 31,000 students who enroll in Sac State. Of these, about 28,000 are undergrads and about 3,000 are graduate students. There are about 3,400 freshmen and about 3,800 transferees. This large number of students accounts for the student-to-teacher ratio of 26 is to 1. About 56% of these enrolled students are female and about 44% are male. If you are interested in joining, you can do so since the acceptance rate at Sacramento State University is 68%.

With these large numbers, it’s only natural for Sac State to have a large offering of intercollegiate sports. Sacramento State is active in over 20 intercollegiate sports and has “Hornets” as the school’s nickname. The Sac State teams are NCAA Division I member. So, for those who are seriously considering a career in sports or want to be part of a hardcore college sports team, Sacramento State is for you.

There are more than 300 clubs and organizations that are accredited and operating in Sacramento State. These include academic, cultural, Greek, Recreation, Religious, Political, Volunteer Service, Sports, Special Interest and University-sponsored associations.  Socializing through any of these organizations will allow students to expand their social circles.

Because of the number of students enrolled, housing is not guaranteed for freshmen. There are on-campus residences available on a first-come, first-served basis though. These housing residences are only able to accommodate a little over 2,100 students.

Since not all students are housed on campus, students enjoy free transportation services through the One Card issued to them by the school and the local government. These allow them to ride the Light Rail as well as the SacRT buses for free.

Acceptance Rate at Sacramento State University

The acceptance rate to Sacramento State University or Sac State is high at 68%. Getting in requires applicants to have an average GPA of 3.42. Most admitted first-year students graduated at the top 50th percentile of their graduating high school class. The SAT ranges are from 1040-1230 with an average of 1100. The ACT Composite requirement is a range from 17-23, corresponding to the middle 50%.


I hope that this article on the Sacramento State University acceptance rate was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.