Saint Vincent College is a private Catholic college run by the Benedictine Monks and was established in 1846. The campus is situated in the little city of Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Latrobe is a small, welcoming community made up of about 8,000 residents. The campus is about a 50-minute drive away from downtown Pittsburgh and is situated in the Greater Pittsburgh Region. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Saint Vincent College.

The Saint Vincent College or SVC campus spans more than 200 acres and is comprised of three main schools each with many different majors, minor and certificate programs. SVC offers more than 50 majors for undergraduates and graduate students have a pick of 9 professional and graduate studies programs.

Being a Benedictine-run Catholic college, the Benedictine monks make up 15% of the faculty. This creates a unique spiritual aspect that’s at the core of the Saint Vincent College identity. The student population on average annually is at 1,600 for undergraduates and about 200 students pursuing graduate studies. You can be part of this college quite easily because the acceptance rate at Saint Vincent College is 66%. Also, students at the college enjoy a student-to-teacher ratio of 11: 1 on average. This low ratio makes for an intimate classroom setting that motivates students in their studies. SVC faculty are able to get to know students at a more personal level creating the perfect atmosphere for academic and professional guidance. Saint Vincent College is really taking an active role in the academic and professional success of its students.

The gender demographics at Saint Vincent College is at 55:45 male to female ratio. There are about 400 freshmen enrolled in each academic year and 82% of these freshmen continue and become sophomores in their second year. 67% of freshmen graduate after 4 years and this number increases to 77% in 6 years.

At Saint Vincent College, freshmen are welcomed with open arms – literally. They hold an annual SVC Freshman Move-In Day that highlights the core values of the community at SVC. The SVC orientation committee members wait in droves for the new freshmen being dropped off. The members of this welcoming team all have big smiles on their faces and open, helping hands to carry the freshmen’s luggage to their respective on-campus residences. This is an SVC tradition that starts off the freshmen’s college experience with a warm and friendly note that speaks “Welcome to the Bearcat family!”

Of the 1,600 students of SVC, about 1,100 of these reside in the student halls on campus. These student halls are co-ed and include all the necessary living amenities that make student life convenient, like laundry areas, wireless internet access, and lounge areas.

There are over 50 clubs and programs to choose from, so the new enrollees can pick out what kind of Bearcat they’re going to be. Saint Vincent also offers both NCAA and non-NCAA sports-oriented organizations and programs for those athletically inclined.

Acceptance Rate at Saint Vincent College

The average acceptance rate for Saint Vincent College is about 66%. The average high school GPA for accepted and enrolled students is about 3.5. If available and favorable, the applicant’s high school class ranking will also be taken into account for their application review. Enrolled students at Saint Vincent College are, on average, in the top 40% of their class.


I hope that this article on Saint Vincent College’s acceptance rate was helpful. For more information on how you can study abroad, please check out the Available Programs for International Students.