Samford University is a private institute in suburban Birmingham, Alabama. Founded in 1841, the university is divided into 10 small schools that offer more than 150 majors, minors, and concentrations. At the time of its inauguration, the institute, like most of the colleges of the USA, offered education to only male students but in 1913, the university was opened to female students as well. Samford University enrolls about 6,000 students each year who pursue education in more than 30 undergraduate and graduate programs. According to different national rankings, the university is one of the top schools in the USA and is the best in Alabama. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Samford University.

Samford University has been relocated many times throughout its journey. It was initially founded under the name “Howard College “in Marion, Alabama but was moved to East Lake, Birmingham in 1887. In 1953, the university was relocated to its current place in Homewood.

Harwell Goodwin Davis Library is the central library of Samford University and houses more than 5 million volumes of books, articles, and research papers. The library was named after the university’s president who founded it in 1956.

The athletic society of the university houses 17 different sports. A student affiliated with university sports calls himself a Samford Bulldog. Samford Bulldogs participate in sports including basketball, football, soccer, golf, and softball in NCAA Division 1 league. Due to its unparalleled sports programs, the university is one of the 63 institutes to have won the NCAA Public Recognition award for a period of seven consecutive years. If you would like to attend this university, the good news is that the acceptance rate at Samford University is not too high.

Student Activities Council (SAC) organizes the extra-curricular activities at the campus throughout the academic year. These activities include many events, seminars, and symposiums. SAC arranges a welcome week for the new students every year under the title “connections” in which they are shown around the campus. A neon dance party and a cultural night are also a part of this event.

The university has a quite high employment rate. In 2018, 98 percent of Samford University were either employed or went for a master’s or doctorate degree. Over the past ten years, the university has maintained an employment rate of more than 95 percent.

The alumni network of Samford University is home to more than 51,000 members from more than 60 countries. These include many politicians, artists, religious scholars, and sportsmen. So far, the university has produced four Rhodes Scholars, two Pulitzer Award winners, and two Nobel Laureates.

Acceptance Rate at Samford University

Samford University is a barely selective school with an acceptance rate of 83%. For the recent admission cycle, 4,000 students applied here out of which 3300 were selected. The SAT and ACT score requirements are also not very huge. The average SAT and ACT scores of the latest class were 1150 and 25 respectively. If you think of yourself as an average or a below-average student, you can still get into Samford University.


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