The history of Sangmyung University dates back to 1937. Today, it has progressed and is recognized as one of the top private universities in Korea. In 1965, it was established as a women’s teacher’s college and gained a women’s university status in 1986. It was in 1996 that it became a co-ed university. The step to turn it into a co-educational university was a major step towards the success it enjoys today. The University has also been ranked as the ‘best university and ‘best graduate school’ by the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development.

The foundation of the university is built upon three pillars- truth, justice, and love. Keeping with the trends of modern-day society, the university continually strives towards globalization and IT, keeping the foundation strong. The University has kept pace with the changing trends and adapts to the current day needs and trends. It aims at offering a modern educational platform, that has its roots in traditions.

Students at Sangmyung University have the opportunity to grow as intellectual and professional-minded adults. With a very global approach, the university offers a platform for international students and worldly thinking. It gives critical attention to ideas and innovation and allows every student to reach their maximum potential. Additionally, the university has a pool of talented staff and faculty members who further advance the learning potential and platform for the students. It believes in fuelling the minds of the students with passion and intellect.

In the last decade, the number of students has significantly risen, showing the rise in the University’s recognition and success. With a wide array of graduate and master’s studies offered in numerous fields, more and more students are making the most of the enriching and supportive learning platform offered by Sangmyung University.

Furthermore, the huge campus which is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment adds to the student’s learning environment. The campus is home to all the necessary resources that a student requires to expand and extend their learning process. With specialized courses like the School for Financial Technology Management and the Department of Nursing have opened up avenues for students of varying interests and passions. Sangmyung University is definitely a world full of opportunities, and avenues for students. Students across the globe have benefitted from the enriching learning environment offered within Sangmyung University. It’s a place that not just educates but enhances a student’s life.


Sangmyung University is a well-known university in Korea. 4icu has ranked it to be 62nd in Korea, and Ranking Web of University has ranked it to be 60th in Korea. Although these rankings are not high, the university itself is well-known to Korean because of its academic excellence.

Sangmyung University Admissions

Let me be frank with you. it does not do a good job at explaining the application details, especially for graduate students. Many universities have a PDF guidebook that is detailed and downloadable. However, this university just lists details on a webpage. Also, if the webpage was detailed and explained things clearly, then it would be okay. However, it does a horrible job of explaining the details.

For undergraduate students, Sangmyung University does a decent job at explaining the admission details. However, for graduate students, it does a horrible job at explaining. If you do want to apply, you need to contact the International Admissions office for complete information. For more information, visit the Admissions Page.

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Because Sangmyung University is a private institution, the tuition fees are more expensive compared to other universities. The university charges undergraduate students the tuition fee of $9,000 per year and graduate students the tuition fee of $10,000 a year. While these tuition fees might seem high, they are subsidized with scholarships. So, students do not necessarily worry about these high tuition fees at first.


The university offers generous scholarships to international students. Undergraduate students get automatically exempt from 50% tuition for eight semesters. For graduate students, the scholarships depend on fund availability and can range from 0% to 100%. For more information about this scholarship information, visit the Admission Page linked above.

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