If you are searching for a university that offers affordability while valuing the Roman Catholic traditions, you may relax now as you have finally found the answer to your prayers – Seton Hall University. In this university, you will be surprised by how affordable a college education can be. In this article, we will be discussing the acceptance rate at Seton Hall University.

Seton Hall University is a private Roman Catholic known for being giving generous financial support to its students. Located in South Orange, New Jersey, this academic institution stands to be the #1 Catholic university in New Jersey.

This university upholds academic excellence and ethical value among its diverse learning community. With this, it prepares Seton students to become valuable global leaders who maintain integrity and morality.

In 1856, Seton Hall University was established as Seton Hall College by Newark Bishop James Roosevelt Bayley. This foundation was initiated by the Plenary Council of American Bishops’ mission to bring Catholicism to education.  Later in the 1860s, Seton had experienced exponential growth in enrollment but was halted due to a fortuitous event.

Despite many trials along the way, Seton Hall University was able to stay on top until it had reached where it is now.

Today, this university is dedicated to helping students to reach their maximum potential while nurturing their Catholic values. Through teaching the students about selflessness, sacrifice, and integrity, they are molded to become leaders of tomorrow.

Today, this academic institution is among the best colleges in New Jersey. In the whole United States, Seton Hall ranks 5th in the national internship. U.S. News & World Report also recognized this university to be one of America’s Best Colleges, an A-Plus School for B Students, and a Top-Tier Undergraduate Business Program. However, beyond these numbers, Seton Hall University is particularly proud that 98% of its students receive financial assistance. If this sounds good to you, you should consider applying to this university! The acceptance rate at Seton Hall University is high, which is good news for you.

Seton Hall University has about 11 colleges and over 90-degree programs. Its top 5 majors include Nursing, Liberal Arts and Humanities, Biology, Finance, and Marketing.

It has approximately 5,800 undergraduate students and 4,400 graduate students. Also, it is the home to Seton Hall’s notable alumni such as CEO of CrowdStrike George Kurtz, New Jersey federal judge Harold A. Ackerman, and Court TV anchor Vinnie Politan, among many others.

True to the mission of Set Hall, its alumni networks are composed of today’s leading leaders in the fields of technology, business, politics, arts, and all other disciplines. Thus, getting into Set Hall also means you get the chance to be acquainted with these alumni and in the future become like one of them.

Acceptance Rate at Seton Hall University

As one United States’ leading Catholic university, Seton Hall University has a relatively high acceptance rate of 73%. Applicants are required to have an SAT score of 1140 to 1280 and an ACT score of 24 to 28.

If you have scored around these, you definitely should try getting into Seton Hall. After all, it is a small private university. In other words, only a few thousand students apply to get in.

If you want a quality and affordable education which values Catholic tradition, Seton Hall University might be the end of your search.


I hope that this article on the Seton Hall University acceptance rate was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.