Shanghai University is one of the leading public research universities in China. Located in the wonderful and lively city of Shanghai this school was established in 1922 and rebuilt in 1994. Today this is one of the top-rated schools in the world and the country, also a member of Project 211 (developed by the Ministry of Education and colleges, in an effort to promote higher education in China).

The university is also open to international students, who can choose one of many undergraduate and graduate programs available in 28 schools. The Shanghai University is as progressed as the city itself, offering diversity and multidisciplinary approach, contemporary educational methods, and research opportunities. The city of Shanghai is the mixing pot of traditional Chinese values and modern western influence, making it a perfect combination for learning new life experiences while getting your degree. In this article, we will discuss Shanghai University scholarships for international students.

International Students at Shanghai University

There are over 4,500 international students enrolled at the Shanghai University, coming from all over the world. This data is not surprising when all the benefits are considered. International students have a very good support system, scholarships, and equal opportunities.

The Shanghai University offers free accommodation, tuition waivers, stipends, and even additional health insurance for foreign students. Along with high-quality education and language learning possibilities, this is the place to get your diploma and be sure that it’s going to be worth the time spent on it.

Tuition Fee at Shanghai University for International Students

The tuition fee at the Shanghai University for international students depends on the level of education and preferred language of the classes. There are undergraduate and graduate programs, available in English and Chinese as taught-language. The tuition is up to $5,000 for the undergraduate program and up to $14,500 for Master’s degrees. All the information for the available programs along with tuition fees is here.

Tuition fees at Chinese universities are known to be affordable compared to the competition, but the quality of education is not compromised. Quite the contrary, they are putting a lot of effort into enhancing educational opportunities.

International Admissions Guide

International students can enroll in undergraduate and graduate studies. Admissions guide for undergraduate studies is available here for download, with all the specific details explained. Such as important dates, mandatory documents, and all the requirements.

The admissions guide for graduate programs is available here, with all of the particulars clarified. The application process is simplified in an effort to attract more foreign students.

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Application Fee

Shanghai University’s application fee is around $75 and this amount is not refundable. This includes all of the necessary paperwork and administrative tasks.

Admissions Requirements at Shanghai University for International Students

There are a few admissions requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to be eligible to get into Shanghai University. International students are considered to be non-Chinese citizens, who are generally in good health and over 18 years of age. Additionally, the Chinese language taught classes do require the Language Proficiency Certificate (HSK) with different levels needed for individual programs. For English-taught programs, students have to provide IELTS (A) 6.5 or TOEFL IBT 90 or above received within the recent two years (except for native English speakers and owners of a degree where classes were taught in English). Also, there are some academic requirements such as GPA 3, 0, or above.

If the student wishes to enroll in the graduate program, all of the requirements listed above have to be fulfilled along with a few new ones. The student has to have a Bachelor’s diploma, also relevant undergraduate academic achievements. Foreign students have to be accepted by a professor at the university as a supervisor, and experience is always valued highly.

The Shanghai University Rankings

The rankings of Shanghai University always came as a surprise as this institution was ranked high compared to the rest of the Chinese universities, even much older ones. The university is ranked in the first 500 by the world ranking and 41st university in China, ensuring the top position for many years to come.

The Shanghai University Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Shanghai Government Scholarship

This Shanghai University scholarship is for international students (non-Chinese citizens) who are complying with all the application requirements. It’s covering tuition fees, free accommodations on campus, and Comprehensive Medical Insurance. Additionally, the students are able to get a monthly stipend of up to $450 to cover any living costs.

The Shanghai Government Scholarship is for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree programs with additional requests regarding the age of students, depending on the preferred course. The application is done on-line and the results are public.

2. Confucius Institute Scholarship

Confucius Institute Scholarship is available for undergraduate and postgraduate programs, as well as for general scholars (or Chinese language courses). The tuition is fully waivered and accommodations are free on the campus if you receive this Shanghai University scholarship. A stipend is paid once per month in the amounts of $380 to $460 along with Comprehensive Medical Insurance. The student has to be between the age of 16 and 35, and with a foreign passport.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Chinese Government Scholarship

Chinese Government Scholarship is entrusted by the Ministry of Education of China to the China Scholarship Council, and enrollment and administration remain their responsibility. This scholarship is for non-Chinese citizens who are enrolling in Master’s or Doctoral degree programs. The tuition is fully covered, and accommodation is available for free on campus or partially covered if off-campus. A stipend is also included, $460 for Master’s and $550 for Doctoral programs. All students that receive this Shanghai University scholarship for international students have medical insurance covered.

2. Shanghai University New International Student Scholarship

Shanghai University New International Student Scholarship is considered to be a partial scholarship. Even though the entire tuition is covered, there is no stipend available. Accommodation is not free on the campus, but there are certain benefits and financial aids available. Students also don’t have medical insurance.

This stipend is only for the non-Chinese citizens enrolling in Master’s and Doctoral programs, with some additional age limitations. There is no need to apply for this scholarship at Shanghai University separately because recipients are selected from the list for the Chinese Government Scholarship.


In conclusion, the Shanghai University offers fair prices and amazing studying opportunities. They work tirelessly to improve educational conditions and maintain at the top of the lists of best schools. Considering the turbulent history, this university has come a long way to prove that quality and dedication are all that matters. Affordable tuitions, available scholarships, and financial help all contribute to the fact that a lot of foreign students choose to study at this amazing school for a reason.

On your way to higher education, you will also benefit from living in such a multicultural environment, have a chance to perfect your Chinese language, and soak in the tradition. Complete with top-notch education and world-wide recognized degrees, the Shanghai University might be just the right choice for you.


I hope that this article on Shanghai University scholarships for international students was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.