Photography is the practice of taking and processing photographs. Photographs are made when light is captured by a camera using a digital sensor or film. While some people prefer using standalone cameras to take photographs, others like using cameras on their smartphones. While there may be different views on how photographs should be taken, the skill of the photographer will come into play even if they use the most basic camera available in the market.

When it comes to photography, some people take to it like fish to water. But others require attending courses so they can enhance their skills to take better photographs. The following are seven of the best short-term courses in photography.

Short Term Courses in Photography

1. Photography Basics: 20 Module Introduction Course

Of Course Learning – United Kingdom

Photography Basics: 20 Module Introduction Course is a module-based photography short course designed to provide students will the basic skills in taking photos and photo editing. Each session features videos showing students the basics they need to learn. Each session also features practice recommendations. Students also have access to a course forum where expert tutors are available to provide feedback on their output. The course is designed for new and amateur photographers.

The course features 20 modules focusing on the different aspects of photography. Students also learn how to edit photos for commercial purposes. They also learn about the features they can find in a smartphone camera. Students also learn to take photos in different situations.

This module-based online short course on photography is offered by Of Course Learning from the United Kingdom.


2. Introduction to Digital Photography Course

Harvard University

The Introduction to Digital Photography Course at Harvard University is a module-based short course on digital photography. It is designed for camera owners who have no idea of using all the features of their devices. Aside from English, the course is also available in other languages.

The first module introduces students to photography. It provides the history of photography, styles of photography, the rule of thirds, and the single-lens-reflex camera. The module also gives students basic knowledge about a digital single-lens reflex camera, creative commons, the difference between full-frame and crop sensors, and the equipment needed for photography. The second module of this three-hour course is an assessment of what the student learned in the course.

This two-module online course is offered by Harvard University.


3. Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR Specialization

Michigan State University

The Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR Specialization is an online photography course designed to teach students how to make better photographs. This short course on photography is not limited to the use of a digital single-lens reflex camera or a smartphone camera. It gives students the knowledge and skills in using any type of camera.

This five-course program starts with the basics of photography, including exposure, types of cameras, and photography accessories. Students will also learn how to use the features of their cameras. The principles of composition and the post-production process will also be offered in the course. Students will also learn about different photography techniques, including lighting techniques.

This seven-month online course is offered by Michigan State University.


4. Introductory Photography Course


The Introductory Photography Course of Udemy is designed for new photographers who want to improve their skills in art. It provides all the basics of photography and is suitable for all types of cameras, including digital single-lens reflex and smartphone cameras.

Aside from learning about the basic setup of a camera, the course also provides students with knowledge about aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and exposure compensation. Students will also learn about lighting, white balance, and how to use the histogram.

This five-hour online course is offered by Udemy.


5. Annie Leibovitz Master Class

Annie Leibovitz

The Annie Leibovitz Master Class is an online photography course offered by the first woman chief photographer of Rolling Stone magazine. She was the last person to take a portrait of the late John Lennon. The course is ideal for photographers aiming to improve their portrait photography skills. Aside from their peers, students will also receive feedback from the famed lady photographer. The course features videos, a downloadable workbook, and additional photography resources for its students.

This short course on photography will cover an introduction to portrait photography, creating photoshoot concepts, working with natural and artificial light, how to work with other people, and two photography case studies highlighting digital post-production and a photoshoot conducted by Annie Leibovitz.

This 15-lesson online course is offered by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz.


6. A Crash Course in Photographic Composition


A Crash Course in Photographic Composition is an online photography course focusing on the basics of composition. It is designed for photographers who want to improve their craft in terms of creating visually impressive photos through proper compositions.

Students will learn the reason why some images are ideal for photography and the importance of proportion when it comes to composition in photography. Moreover, students will use their knowledge of proportion in using geometry and lines in making compelling images. The last part of the course will put together the knowledge acquired by the students in creating visually appealing photographs.

This module-based online course is offered by Skillshare.


7. Fashion Image & Styling Course

Istituto Marangoni – Miami

The Fashion Image & Styling Course of Istituto Marangoni – Miami highlights the analysis of images and style development. Students will learn to evaluate different aspects of fashion photography, including the different fashion moods and the importance of different photography accessories. They will also learn to look into different body traits and enhance and complement various physical characteristics. The students will create a total look in developing an individual style before capturing everything through a photoshoot.

The first week will focus on the different styles of significant periods in history. It will also highlight upcoming fashion trends as well as the elements influencing them. The sessions provide an overview of past, present, and future styles captured through photography. The second week will highlight personal identity. Students will learn to assess the differences in the faces and bodies of people. They will also acquire skills and techniques for enhancing physical features. The third week focuses on style definition and a photoshoot. At this point, students will apply what they learned in the previous weeks and develop their individual styles through a photoshoot. They will also collate and edit their work to create a portfolio of their work.

Classes of this three-week short course on photography are held at the Istituto Marangoni – Miami

While photography may require all the necessary photography equipment, in the end, the skills of the photographer will emerge no matter what camera he or she uses.


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