Founded back in 1906, the Sookmyung Women’s University is a private university and Korea’s first royal private educational institute for women. It was initially established as the Myungshin Girls School that was sponsored by the Empress Sunheon and later re-established in 1948 as a college. It was in 1955 that it got the University status.

The University today is noted for its comprehensive educational platform, expansive campus, and many specialized academic programs. The ROTC Program offered by the university is highly recognized and has been ranked as the best ROTC Program in the 2012 National Military Training Exercises. In addition, the Hospitality Business School under Sookmyung Women’s University has been widely acclaimed for its excellence by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology for over a decade.

The University offers studies in a wide number of subjects, broadly categorized under:

  • General Education for Leadership
  • Mentor Programs
  • Dual Degree Programs

The University also has an open knowledge platform – Sookmyung Network to Open World (SNOW) – to share higher intellectual thoughts and ideas. It is an interactive and engaging platform that is a great pool of resource for students and researchers.

Today, the university proudly boasts of over 100,000 alumni and around 15,000 students that have made the University one of the most sought after in Korea. The extensive opportunities for complete education and research and a great community service experience ensure that every student is able to their knowledge to the best of their abilities. The experienced faculty adds to the educational experience and the university offers the necessary aides and technology to keep up with the rapidly changing environment within the campus and in the world.

The University is associated with many prestigious and established universities across the globe and offers great student exchange programs to build up a global community. At the core of it, the University values social justice, humanity, and potential. All initiatives and efforts are made keeping in mind the many needs of the students and helping them gain the best of experience and environment.

From receiving the Presidential Award for the ‘Best Educational Institution in Information’ in 1998 to winning the ‘Management Innovation Awards’ in 2009 and many more awards and accolades through the years; the University has proven time and again that it is one of the most progressive universities that excel in every sphere and is continually expanding.

Sookmyung Women’s University is a prestigious women-only university in Korea. The ranking agency 4ICU rated this university to be 22nd in Korea, and Top Universities has rated it to be 228th in Asia. Although these rankings tell that this university is not an elite university, students can still expect to get a solid education from this institution. Also, it is one of the premier women-only institutions in the world.

Sookmyung Women’s University Admissions

If you want to be admitted to this excellent university, you need to apply for admissions. First, you need to read the application guide found in Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions. It is vital that you read these application guides and follow the steps. Then, you will need to submit all the necessary materials such as required documents, application form, and teacher’s recommendations. These steps are essential, so follow the instructions carefully.

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The tuition fee in this university is quite expensive for a Korean institution. Students wishing to study at Sookmyung Women’s University need to pay $8,000 per year for undergraduate programs and $12,000 per year for the graduate program. These tuition fees differ based on the academic field of your choice; however, these tuition fees are the average of all the academic fields.


If you cannot afford to pay this expensive tuition fee, you will need to receive Sookmyung Women’s University Scholarships. Undergraduate students can receive 100% tuition scholarships in their first semester based on their scores, and top international students in each department can receive full-tuition scholarships for the second semester and on. Also, undergraduate students can receive 70% tuition scholarships for a 3.3 GPA or higher.

Graduate students are eligible for 100% tuition scholarships based on their application strength. For second semester and on, students are eligible for up to 80% tuition scholarships for 3.7GPA or higher. Also, many students receive RA or TA assistantships to cover the rest of their fees. For more information about scholarships, click on the Admission Page link to look at the admission guide.


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