Soonchunhyang University is a private university in Asan, Korea. Founded in 1978, it began as a medical school founded by prestigious neuroscientist Dr. Succ-jo Suh with only a few students. However, the enrollment grew and soon became a university with a wide range of academic fields two years later. Now, there are around 12,000 undergraduate students and 1,500 graduate students taught by 400 professors. These students and professors are in six undergraduate colleges and six special and professional graduate schools. Also, there are four hospitals in which medical students can do their clinical trials.

Because it was founded first as a medical school to train future Korean doctors, Soonchunhyang University has a strong medical school. Nonetheless, the university is excellent in other fields as well because it emphasizes education and research. It has received many prestigious awards both from the Korean government and other organizations. The most prestigious award that they’ve received is the “National Award for Educational Renovation” by the Korean Ministry of Education. This award accurately describes the goals of Soonchunhyang University for its students.

Although it has received many awards, Soonchunhyang University is always working to be a better university. It has developed a plan called Unitopia 2020 which sets a plan for the university to become more comprehensive and global. Also, it is planning many other projects so the reputation of this university will become more prestigious not just in Korea but also in the world.


Many university ranking systems have evaluated Soonchunhyang University to be in the middle of the pack. USNews has ranked it to be 42nd in Korea, and Unirank has ranked 49th in Korea. Also, Top University has ranked it to be among the 251st-260th Universities in Asia. Although these rankings are not high compared to prestigious universities, it is high considering the fact that there are hundreds of universities in Korea and thousands in the world.

Soonchunhyang University Admissions and Acceptance Rates

This university has made the admission process to be simple for international students. It has clearly outlined the necessary steps to finish the application. In the following link, the university has available majors, admissions timeline, required documents, and application form so you can start your application. If you want this information, visit Admissions Page.

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The tuition at Soonchunhyang University is mostly covered by scholarships. However, without scholarships, the tuition fee is $7,300 for undergraduate students. The graduate tuition fee is different for fields of study.

Soonchunhyang University Scholarships

There are many scholarships that are offered at this university for international students. The scholarships are mostly based on TOPIK and the previous semester’s grades. For example, if you receive a TOPIK level 6, then you will receive a full admission fee, 20% tuition, full dormitory fee, and $1,300 settlement scholarships. Also, if you receive a 4.0 GPA or higher, you will receive full tuition and dormitory fee. If you want more information, visit Scholarships Page.


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