As of 2022, there are over 10.7 million people in the Czech Republic, and everyone is required to have health insurance, whether you are a resident, a citizen, or someone working for a Czech employer. The population’s healthcare is of great importance to the Constitution of the Czech Republic and is heavily funded by the government. The healthcare system is also believed to be efficient, effective, and one of the best in the EU region due to the compulsory health insurance previously mentioned and the service provided by the healthcare professionals working in the country. As a result, the Czech Republic has been reported to be one of the healthiest countries in eastern and central Europe and is deemed to have a high standard for health and medical care.

When the pandemic started, healthcare professionals were considered heroes of the country because of the quick response and actions to the virus. One healthcare professional who was quick to provide support and care to the country’s people and community is the nurses. There were roughly 80,000 nurses around the Czech Republic when the pandemic began. These nurses were mainly responsible for accommodating, supporting, checking, and providing fast and effective responses to the patients and everyone in need of health or medical assistance. Due to this unforeseen event, the Constitution of the Czech Republic is still looking for the expansion and growth of the nurses working in the country for them to provide increased and improved services for their people.

The Czech Republic is highly demanding nurses worldwide. Like other EU countries or regions, the nurses in the Czech Republic are also handled and regulated by the Ministry of Health. To know more about becoming a nurse in the Czech Republic and the career path of registered nurses in the country, please see the steps below.

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Steps to Become a Nurse in Czech Republic

1. Find a Nursing Health School or University located in the country

There are health schools or institutions, and universities offering a nursing degree or course in the Czech Republic. To be a nurse in the Czech Republic, you have to take the first step of finding a nursing university. Before enrolling in the school or university, it would be best to research the area or location of the institution to see if you will be able to maintain and fund the cost of living in the area. The applicant may also visit the chosen university’s website to learn about the requirements and what to expect in the school and in the nursing program that the school is offering.

2. Finish the Nursing Degree or Course and Get a Diploma

The education of paramedic staff, including nurses and midwives, takes at least three years to finish. A student can take either graduate nursing from a higher health school or a university. The program offered in the higher health schools takes up to three years of study in branch diploma nurses, which is similar to the program offered in universities that also takes up to three years of study in accredited health bachelor’s field for nursing training.

3. For International Nursing Students, Obtain a Nursing Qualification

International or foreign nursing students who wish to work in the Czech Republic must finish their nursing program, graduate with a nursing degree or course and obtain a diploma or certificate of completion as proof of their studies. Also, foreign countries usually have a professional examination for nursing graduates seeking recognition. The applicant must pass the said examination and obtain a license to be more credible and have a higher chance of working as a professional in the Czech Republic.

4. Obtain a Specialized Competence in Specialized Education

The student can obtain a specialized education to further his or her skills in the nursing field. To be able to perform and provide professional services to the people of the Czech Republic, a student must finish a specialized education in the operating theaters. The purpose of the specialized education is to obtain excellent specialization in nursing care, which includes the following: perioperative care and anesthesia, resuscitation, and intensive care. Getting a specialized study usually takes 24 months to finish.

5. For Foreign Nurses, Get into Nursing Adaptation Program in Czech Republic

The Nursing Adaptation Program is dedicated to learning-intensive the Czech language and medical terminologies in the Czech language. The program also includes the legal framework of the Czech healthcare system and practical training. This program helps and prepares the foreign or international nurses for the approbation test or the licensure exam in the Czech Republic.

6. Obtain an Advanced Level Language Proficiency

One of the most basic requirements to work as a nurse in the Czech Republic is Czech language proficiency. An applicant must obtain the advanced level, which is from B2 to C2, to be able to work in the country. This proficiency is also needed to pass the approbation test given to international or foreign nurses.

7. Submit an Application for the Approbation Test

All international nurses who have finished their studies abroad or outside the EU and want to pursue a profession in the Czech Republic must get the approval of the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health will be the one to approve the application of the nurses on the following:

  • Permit to practice for a definite period of time (working visa)
  • Recognition of competence to pursue and perform the profession based on the completion of the qualification examination

In order to become a nurse in the Czech Republic, the next step is to secure an approbation test. The approbation test will be part of the process to obtain the right to work and provide health and medical services in the Czech Republic. For further knowledge regarding the documents to be submitted for the exam, please see the Application and Deadlines – Approbation Exam.

8. Take the Approbation Test or the Licensure Examination

The National Center for Nursing and Non-Medical Health Professions (NCO NZO) is the organization authorized by the Ministry of Health to conduct the qualification examination. The qualification examination pertains to the approbation test. The test consists of written, practical, and oral parts. The test is designed to check the theoretical knowledge of the applicant. Also, knowledge of the health care system of the Czech Republic and Czech language proficiency is tested. The approbation test includes the following:

  • English Language Proficiency Test
  • Czech Language Proficiency Test
  • 40-day practical training under the supervision of a partner hospital (to test the efficiency of the applicant in dealing with Czech-speaking patients)

To know more information about the Approbation Test, including the fees that need to be paid, please visit the Approbation Test tab on the NCO NZO website.

9. Work as a Professional Nurse in Czech Republic

After the clearance of the approbation test, the applicant will be registered and licensed and will already be allowed to practice and provide healthcare services in the country.


I hope that this article on Steps to Become a Nurse in the Czech Republic was helpful. To know more information on how you can study in Europe, visit the Europe Scholarships Page.