Greece is leading the world in its COVID-19 response. The country’s action to the pandemic was exceptional and efficient and was one of the most successful countries to handle and manage the spread of the virus. This just shows how competent and impeccable the country’s healthcare is. Greece is among the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries to have the highest healthcare spending, which is why the standard of the healthcare system in Greece is generally high. Greece aims to provide and ensure free, equitable, and accessible quality healthcare services to all its residents, citizens, and international or foreign workers.

The country’s healthcare system would not work without its frontliners, the healthcare professionals. Nurses are one of the healthcare professionals that Greece is looking to increase and seek to employ more, either from the country itself or overseas. Nurses play a vital role in providing health and medical care to patients. They are also the communication bridge to the doctors, the first line of defense, and the first person any German patient would seek medical assistance or advice from. Even though Greece’s healthcare system is of a high standard, the number of healthcare professionals is relatively low. When it comes to nurses working in hospitals, Greece has the lowest number of nurses per capita among EU countries or regions having only 3.6 nurses per 1,000 inhabitants. The low number of nurses in the country is why nursing students and professionals are in high demand and expected to rise in the years to come.

For further knowledge about the nursing profession in Greece and how to be a registered nurse, and be eligible to work in the country, please read the step-by-step procedure below.

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Steps to Become a Nurse in Greece

1. Find an Accredited Greek Institution or University

For local Greeks, find universities that offer nursing courses or programs. If you want to become a nurse in Greece, the first step that you need to do is to find a Greek university. There are several universities offering nursing programs and some of which are the University of Nicosia, Peloponnese University, and Technological Educational Institute of Epirus. Best research about the universities or institutions and choose a university that best fits you.

2. For Foreign Students, Research about Greek Institutions Offering a Nursing Degree

For foreign or international students who want to study nursing in Greece, they may check the websites of various universities offering nursing programs to learn more about the program being offered, the requirements, and the costs to be incurred. Like what has been mentioned in step 1, the most famous universities offering such courses are the University of Nicosia, Peloponnese University, and the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus. Be sure to also research the location and cost of living in the chosen university to be able to budget your finances wisely.

3. Obtain an Advanced Level Greek Language Certificate

One of the requirements of international students or nurses who wish to work in Greece is language proficiency. Applicants are required to get an advanced level or a B2 level in the German Language and obtain a certificate of their language proficiency. This is to ensure that the students will understand their modules and lectures. Also, this will ensure that once they are already recognized as professional nurses, they will be able to communicate well with the German patients and understand the kind of service or care the patients are seeking.

4. Meet the Requirements of your chosen Greek University

Like every other university, the very basic requirement in applying to a Greek university offering nursing programs are as follows:

  • High school diploma or certificate or completion
  • An identification card or any proof of identity
  • Application form (provided by the university)
  • Language proficiency certificate

The applicant’s chosen university may require other requirements, so the applicant must be ready to provide the documents requested by the institution. For detailed information regarding the requirements of the application in universities, be sure to visit their websites and/or call the contact information provided on the university’s website.

5. Finish the Nursing Degree and Obtain a Diploma

One of the necessary steps to become a nurse in Greece is to finish your nursing degree. The nursing degree or course offered in the country takes at least eight semesters to finish. The last semester is focused and dedicated to clinical practice. To be recognized as a professional nurse in Greece, students must complete this 8-semester course and obtain a diploma or certificate of completion issued by the accredited institution or university.

6. For Foreign Students Who Finished their Studies Abroad, Pass the Licensure Examination in your Country to be a Registered Nurse

In foreign countries, the nursing degree or course usually takes four years to finish, covering theories and practice. The students must pass the nursing course and get a diploma or certificate of completion as proof of their studies. Once the applicant completes his or her nursing studies, he or she is required to take and pass the licensure examination in his or her country. This will serve as proof that they are competent to practice the profession and has adequate knowledge and skills to perform and provide health and medical services.

7. Get a Nursing Experience in your country

Greece checks the professional or work background of international nurses before giving them full recognition to work in the country. Any applicant who wishes to work in Greece must take the step of having a nursing experience in his or her country prior to applying to work in Greece. To receive full recognition by the health authority of Greece, it is best to first obtain at least two to three years of work experience.

8. Find Work in Greece Online

Usually, before Immigration allows you to fly to Greece, they would require the applicant to submit a copy of their employment contract as proof that they are going to Greece to work. So best look for available nursing jobs in Greece online. The applicant may check different websites of public and private healthcare providers and employers in Greece and apply for the job before moving to the country.

9. Meet the Basic Requirements of the Immigration

Applicants coming from different countries must meet the basic requirements for working in Greece. The basic requirements include the following:

  • Birth certificate and marriage contract, if applicable
  • Passport or any proof of identification
  • Employment contract
  • Diploma or Certificate of Completion
  • License card or license number
  • B2 level German Language Certificate

Other documents may be requested by Immigration. To know more about the requirements, applicants may visit and seek help in the Immigration located in their country or area, or you may visit the Greece Immigration website.

10. Be Ready to Meet the Cost of Living in the Country

Once the nurse has found a Greek employer and all of his or her immigration requirements are met, the applicant is ready to move to the country. The final step to becoming an official nurse in Greece is to apply for a job and to meet the cost of living in the country. Be sure to have enough funds in your bank account to be able to meet all the necessary day-to-day expenses in Greece.


I hope that this article on Steps to Become a Nurse in Greece was helpful. To know more information on how you can study in Europe, visit the Europe Scholarships Page.