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Useful Articles on Japan Scholarships

How to Apply to Universities in Japan

The first step in studying in Japan is knowing the general application procedure in Japan. Here, we will go through the application process so that you have a better understanding of how to apply to universities in Japan.

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Study in Japan for Free (3 Ways)

The next step of studying in Japan is to taking care of finances. There are many ways that you can do this, and with one or more ways, you can actually study in Japan for free. Learn how.

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Cheap Universities in Japan for International Students

One of the ways that you can lower the cost of studying in Japan is to attend an affordable university in Japan. Learn about affordable universities and tuition fees. By attending these universities, you can lower the cost significantly.

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IELTS Requirements in Japanese Universities

If you decide to study in English medium, you need to show proficiency in English. One way to show it is through IELTS standardized test. Learn about the IELTS requirements at Japanese universities.

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How to Study in Japan without IELTS

There are ways that you can waive the IELTS requirements even though you are applying in courses that are offered in English. Learn how!

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10 Universities in Japan With the Highest Acceptance Rates

To better your chances of studying in Japan, it is smart to apply to some of the least competitive universities. In this article, we will go over those universities so that you know which universities you have the best chance of getting admitted to. Mixing these universities with competitive ones is a good admissions strategy.

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Top Scholarships in Japan

MEXT Scholarship (Fully Funded)

MEXT Scholarship is a government scholarship funded by Japan allowing international students to study in Japanese Universities fully-funded. This program funds both undergraduate and graduate students wishing to study in Japan.

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University of Tokyo Scholarships (Fully Funded)

University of Tokyo is ranked as the best university in Japan in most ranking systems. Since its founding in 1877, University of Tokyo, or UTokyo, has led the industrial revolution in Japan to make Japan one of the leading nation in the world. This excellent university has produced total of 8 Nobel laureates and many excellent scientists, writers, and doctors.

If you want to receive scholarships at the University of Tokyo, it is crucial that you know the application requirements and acceptance rates. Check out the University of Tokyo Application Requirements and Acceptance Rates!

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Doshisha University Scholarships (Full Tuition)

Doshisha University is an excellent private university in Kyoto, Japan and is considered one of the best university in that country. Founded in 1875, this university is considered to be one of the oldest universities in Japan. It has continued to grow since its founding and now consists of 14 faculties and 16 graduate schools. 

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