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Study in Korea

If you came to this article, most likely, you want to study in Korea or, at least interested in learning more about the complete procedure. For those that do, we want to make that process easier by providing you with the best information.

Useful Articles on Korea Scholarships

I hope that these articles will help you to learn more about these scholarships in Korea. I highly recommend looking at these before you actually apply because these articles will help you immensely.

How to Study in Korea for Free

South Korea has recently become a popular option among international students. This country is the best combination of modern cities, cutting-edge technology, a traditional cultural heritage, and hard-working people. And thus, its society takes education very seriously. South Korean universities have outstanding education quality, impressive research centers, up-to-date facilities, and a wide variety of colleges. It’s evident that they aim to have a more diverse student body to learn from all around the world because they have programs that are completely taught in English and great scholarships. So, do you want to study in Korea for Free? If so, let’s learn how to study in Korea for free.

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IELTS Band Requirements for Universities in South Korea

China is considered the most populated country in the world. Cities are packed with people and there is great struggle among people to get to higher living standards. In order to progress in this world, China has invested a lot in their higher education in the past decade. China currently has over 3000 educational institutions. Currently, about 500,000 international students are studying in various Chinese Institutions. Most of these students belong to South Korea, Japan, US, Thailand and India.

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3 Korean Universities with No Application Fees

Studying abroad is the dream of many people, but going through the admission process can turn the dream into a nightmare. Gathering the paperwork, sending the documents, preparing for the interview, writing an essay… And then doing it all again if you want to apply for more than one university! However, the toughest part for most international students is budgeting and having enough money to pay for the whole process.

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Top Scholarships in Korea Description and Links

The Most Popular Scholarships of the Korea For the Students, Scholarship Search is the premier financial aid, college scholarship and international scholarship resource for students wishing to study abroad.

Seoul National University Scholarships 2019

Seoul National University scholarships are being offered to international students. Some are fully funded scholarships, and some are full-tuition scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students. These scholarships are aimed to recruit talented and intellectually curious students to study at Seoul National University. The international students contribute much to increase the diversity of the campus which allows students to gain a global perspective of the world.

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KAIST Scholarships 2019

KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) is a prestigious research university in Korea. It was founded in 1971 and became the nation’s first research university. This university is known for its excellence in the field of science, technology, mathematics and recently, business. It is composed of 3 campuses: Seoul campus for business, and two science and technology campuses in Daejeon. If you are interested, you should check out the KAIST Acceptance Rates.

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Korea University Scholarships 2019

Korea University scholarships are being offered to international students with high research and academic potential. This university does not want the finance to be the barrier between students and quality education.  It wants excellent students to study by receiving Korea University scholarships.

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