Study in USA Guide for International Students

Do you want to study in USA with receiving scholarships? In this article, we have compiled the most thorough information for you so that you can achieve your dream of studying in the USA.

You might be little bit overwhelmed because applying for scholarships in the US is very complicated. However, by reading these useful information, I hope that you will find it much easier than before.

Because there’s so much information that can help students to study in the US, I will link to useful articles that will best help you.

How to Apply to Universities in the US

The first article that you should read is How to Apply to Universities in the US. This article gives basic information for undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD programs so that you will have a basic idea on how to apply to universities in the US.

Here are some videos that might help you with your undergraduate and graduate application processes!

For the undergraduate application tips, watch this video down below, and for the graduate application tips, watch the video furthest down!

To follow along with the graduate tips, the these are the links to the post, and this will lead you to the information of skipping Master’s and going straight into PhD.

Free Tuition Universities in USA

Once you’ve gotten to know basic information on the application procedure in the US, you are ready to apply to the universities in the US! If you need scholarships to attend universities, you can instead apply for one of the 16 Tuition Free Universities in the US.  If you get accepted to one of these universities, you do not have to pay tuition. This is basically the same as receiving fully tuition scholarships if you think about it!

How to Study in USA for Free

Applying and getting accepted to free tuition universities is not the only way to study in the US. Actually, there are other ways that you can study in the US for free. If you are interested, visit How to Study in USA for Free!

Best Scholarships for International Students

You definitely need to check out 20 Best Scholarships in USA for International Students. These are one of the best scholarships in the US, and if you can get these scholarships, you’ll have no problem in studying in USA.

Here are some of the scholarships listed in the article above:

1. Harvard University Scholarships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Harvard is very famous for giving out very, very generous scholarships for both domestic and international students. They have tons of money in endowments and alumni donations and spends hundreds of millions of dollars in scholarships each year.

2. Yale University Scholarships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Like Harvard University, Yale University receives a lot of money through endowment and donations from their rich alumni. If you do get accepted to Yale, you’ll have no problem in attending financially, because they make sure that every student accepted to Yale will not have financial barrier in their education.

3. MIT Scholarships

  • Scholarship Link
  • MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology gives generous scholarships for both domestic and international students. They practice what is called need-blind admissions, which means that the financial ability of a student is not taken into consideration for admissions. Also, they are full-need university, which means that the full financial need of a student will be met with scholarships.

This is just a sample of tons of universities with great scholarships for international students. You can check the scholarships at the Best USA Scholarships.