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Study in USA

The United States of America (USA) is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations in the world. The country has more than a million international students studying at the top-ranked universities. The US, for many years, has been a truly international space to be where people from all the countries and ethnicities come to, and stay with their own cultures.


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16 Free Universities in USA

There are many universities in USA that are actually free for international students. Learn about these universities!

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How to Apply to Universities in USA

Do you want to know how to apply to universities in the USA? You should read this complete guide on how to apply to universities in USA for international students.

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Universities in USA for International Students

While international students think that colleges and universities in USA are expensive, there are many American universities that offer an excellent curriculum for cheap tuition even for international students. Most American universities charge international students three times the tuition of domestic students.

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The Popular Scholarships

The Most Popular Scholarships For the Students, Scholarship Search is the premier financial aid, college scholarship and international scholarship resource for students wishing to study abroad.

Yale University Scholarships

Yale University gives generous scholarships for international students. For undergraduate students, Yale University meets the full need for all the students, and the maximum amount of scholarships is full tuition and living expenses. For graduate students, they can get scholarships or become a teaching assistant or research assistant to meet their need. Learn more about Yale University Scholarships

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MIT University scholarships in USA

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is offering fully funded scholarships to international students. MIT is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is one of the best universities in the world. This private university was founded in 1861 because of the rapid industrialization that was happening in the United States.

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Harvard University scholarships

Harvard University is offering fully funded scholarships for undergraduate and graduate international students to help them attend Harvard. To create a more diverse community on campus, Harvard University scholarships are being offered to not hinder the financial limitation of many international students from attending one of the best universities in the world. Over the years, many international students have received Harvard University scholarships and became very successful after they have graduated.

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