Nursing has been a popular profession worldwide. It has been an ever-evolving profession that has evolved in various nursing fields such as public health, nurse anesthetist, school nurse, and many more. Studying nursing in Turkey has so much to offer. Turkey has engaged in the European Higher Education Area that implements the Bologna Process, which is known to have quality higher education standards.

Moreover, international students can expect diversity across hundreds of universities in Turkey and its multicultural environment. What better way to spend four years of study in a country filled with natural beauties and historical heritage. If you wish to pursue a nursing degree in Turkey, you can start off with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, which can be completed in four years.

Afterward, you can pursue specialization courses for master’s or doctoral degrees. Having a specialization in nursing will help you develop your career in a more advanced and challenging field. To learn more about the requirements to study nursing in Turkey, this article will help you understand the detailed process.

1. Know the Requirements to Become a Nurse in Turkey

Becoming a nurse in Turkey requires the completion of a bachelor’s degree in nursing. To qualify for a bachelor’s degree, you should have completed a high school level education. Afterward, you can further your education with a master’s or doctoral degree. Most nursing schools in Turkey offer a bachelor’s degree in English or Turkish language curriculum.

For example, Istinye University offers a four-year bachelor’s degree in nursing that can be completed in English or Turkish. For further studies, you can have the opportunity to apply for a master’s or doctoral degree in related nursing fields at Istanbul Aydin University. Depending on the program, however, you may be required to attain a certain level of foreign language proficiency in order to study nursing in Turkey.

2. Know about Several Nursing Schools in Turkey

Many factors are to be considered when choosing where to study nursing in Turkey. You can make a list of primary and secondary reasons why you would choose a nursing school. For primary reasons, you should consider the nursing school’s location, cost, size, and curriculum. First, the location should be carefully chosen. It greatly weighs down on your preferences whether you would like to live in a city or not.

Second, the cost of living and the cost of tuition should be taken into account. Your budget will matter if a school fits your budget. Lastly, it is important to know the school’s size and nursing curriculum. Do you like studying in a big or small class? This question is something to think about in terms of school or class size. Of course, you also want to make sure that you are studying with the best curriculum that the school has to offer.

Among the secondary reasons why you would choose a nursing school is housing, extra-curricular activities, and the environment. If the school offers in-house accommodation, that would be great and convenient for any student. If not, you will have to make sure that there are nearby housing accommodations for you to stay in.

Of course, you are also considering the price and safety of the place. The extra-curricular activities of a school are a plus. It is not all about studying for these activities are part of a school’s package. You may want to stay in an active environment where you can hone your skills in all aspects.

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3. Get Proficient in Turkish or English

It is quite easy to go around Turkey for most Turkish people know how to speak the English language. For universities and colleges, they offer either English or Turkish nursing courses. With this in mind, they will require applicants to show enough proficiency levels in either English or Turkish by submitting a language certificate.

For instance, Istinye University requires applicants to have a B2 level TÖMER Certificate to study nursing in Turkey in Turkish. For English-medium courses, a TOEFL IBT certificate with an overall score of 75 is needed as part of entry requirements.

4. Prepare to Meet the Cost of Tuition

Part of meeting the requirements is to have the financial capacity to support yourself as you study nursing in Turkey. This is a requirement by the school and the embassy. Not only that, you want to feel at ease living in another country, without thinking about going to have empty pockets. If you have plans to study abroad, you have to fully prepare your bank statement as you will be needing this when you apply for a visa.

Each school may have different fees. For example, Istanbul Gelisim University requires an advanced collection of TRY 3,000, or about USD 418.86. As for the remaining tuition fee, you will have to contact their Finance Department. For Eastern Mediterranean University, it costs USD 14,858.50 per academic year. If you have a 50% scholarship, it costs USD 7,629.25 per academic year.

5. Get your Application Ready

Once you have prepared your finances and chosen a nursing school, prepare all your documents and language skills required to study nursing in Turkey. Always make sure to prepare the original document and make photocopies for each just in case. If you are applying to more than one school, you have to secure more than one original copy of your documents. It is best to prepare these in advance as it may take a while sometimes to obtain school documents.

For a more detailed example, here are the Required Documents for Undergraduate Admissions from Istinye University: Copy of Passport; English/Turkish Translation of High School Diploma; English/Turkish Translation of Transcript; Certificate of Equivalence; One Passport-size Photo; National-International Examination Result; An approved copy of exam results of SAT I, ACT, GCE, etc. or equivalent; TÖMER Certificate or TOEFL IBT; and a Residence Permit if available. When you have prepared all the necessary documents, you can start applying to nursing schools in Turkey.

6. Submit Your Application to Study Nursing in Turkey

The application procedure is similar in most nursing schools in Turkey. You normally can apply online and submit your documents and wait for an acceptance letter from the school. The process may take weeks or even months, so make sure to apply in advance or apply only in the recommended months.

The application process is outlined in Istinye University’s Admission Procedure. You will need to follow it precisely in order to study nursing in Turkey.

First, you have to apply online and submit the required documents. These documents will be carefully evaluated to see if you can move on to the next step of the application. If you are accepted into the program, you will receive a conditional acceptance letter and make a deposit payment amounting to USD 1,000. Once payment has been made, an official acceptance letter will be given to you which will be needed for a student visa. You cannot apply for a visa without the school’s acceptance letter.

7. Once You Get Accepted, Apply for Student Visa

To apply for a student visa, you will need an acceptance letter from the university and have paid the tuition fee stated in the acceptance letter. You should apply for a student visa at your respective country’s Turkish embassy. Bear in mind that different countries may have different visa requirements.

For studies for more than 90 days, you will have to apply for a residence permit. The required documents to apply are a student certificate, paid immigration fee of TRY 107.50 for one year, medical reports, original passport and photocopy, brand stamp valued TRY 11.20, one passport-size photograph. The residence permit is valid for only one year. You have to renew your permit at least 60 days before it expires.

Now that you have your visa, you are ready to study nursing in Turkey where you can call your second home. Studying for four years can be pretty long but one thing is for sure, you will create exciting memories with interesting people around the globe. Most importantly, you will be able to pursue your nursing education in a country filled with vast opportunities.


I hope that this article on studying nursing in Turkey was helpful. If you are interested in knowing more information like this, check out the Available Programs for International Students!