This article will discuss the acceptance rate at Texas A&M University. But before that, let’s look at the overview and the history of this excellent university!

Texas A&M University is a public institution in College Station, Texas. Founded in 1876, the university was the first institution for higher studies in the entire state. When Texas A&M was opened, the “A&M” in the university’s name stood for “Agricultural and Mechanical” as it offered studies only in the agriculture field and taught farmers about the latest mechanical equipment to be used in farming. The “A&M” no longer officially means Agricultural and Mechanical.

The main campus of the university in College Station serves a student body of more than 64,000 and covers a land of 5,200 acres. Besides the main campus, the A&M network has two other branches in Galveston and Qatar that collectively have about 5,000 students. The College Station campus has 19 different schools that offer more than 200 programs in agriculture, architecture, business, medicine, dentistry, engineering, law, and arts. The Galveston campus of Texas A&M is an ocean-oriented campus and specializes in programs like marine biology, marine sciences, maritime administration, marine transportation, etc. Texas A&M campus in Qatar is located in Doha, the capital of Qatar. It shows its prominence in engineering programs including chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and petroleum engineering.

Since its inception, Helpful Texas A&M has become a world leader in research. The university is one of the few institutes to promote and implement research work even at the undergraduate level. Each year, more than $850 is spent by the university on research activities. As an active member of the Association of American Universities (AAU), Texas A&M has shown its excellence in technical as well as non-technical research fields. It is one of the 17 institutes in the USA to hold the title of land-grant, sea-grant as well as a space-grant university.

The Student Affairs Division of the university consists of approximately 1,000 student organizations and coordinates various events and co-curricular activities throughout the year that provides students opportunities to enhance their interpersonal skills. These activities include Leadership seminars, presentations, contests, and various sports tournaments.

A student studying at Texas A&M is referred to as an Aggie. Each year, more than 12,000 Aggies take part in various inter-university and intra-university sports tournaments. The athletic society of the university is home to 34 sports clubs. These sports include soccer, football, tennis, ice hockey, and rugby, just to mention a few. American football is considered the most famous among Aggies. All these sports are played in the Student Recreation Center that spans an area of 400,000 square feet. If you are a prospective student, the good news is that the acceptance rate at Texas A&M is not competitive!

Students at Texas A&M can live either in residence halls or in apartments provided by the university. Residence halls are of different styles and designs such as corridor style, balcony style, and ramp style. For students who want to live at the campus with their families, the university provides apartments having 1, 2, or 4 bedrooms to more than 2,000 students.

Being one of the oldest institutes of the nation, Texas A&M has produced various artists, army generals, film stars, journalists, and businessmen. The alumni network of this university is called the Association of Former Students (AFS) that consists of nine Noble Laureates including Derek Barton, David Lee, and Jack Kilby.

Acceptance Rate at Texas A&M University

According to the QS world ranking, Texas A&M ranks 209th university in the entire world. The acceptance rate at Texas A%M University is 70%. 37,000 students applied for admission out of which 26,000 were accepted. According to different world reports, Texas A&M is considered a moderately selective school, and to secure a place there, you’ll have to be an above-average student.


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