The University of California, San Diego was established on the 18th of November 1960 in La Jolla within San Diego. The institution was designed to be a graduate school, but along the line, undergraduate programs got started. We will be covering the acceptance rate at UCSD as well as its history.

The first academic session at UCSD began in 1960 with a graduate program, while the first undergraduate program began in 1963. The undergraduate programs at UCSD are grouped into five faculties offering over 100 courses.

UCSD offers over 20 masters and doctoral degrees. UCSD is highly regarded for its degrees in Biological Sciences and medicine, economics, social and behavioral sciences, and a host of others. UCSD also provides academic certificates for undergraduate students. To be a student here, you will have to go through the competitive application process because the acceptance rate at UCSD is 30%.

There are six schools at the institution and the Revelle College established in 1964 is the oldest amongst all the colleges. The Sixth College established in 2002 with a focus on history and philosophy is the newest in the school.

Based on the findings of the Academic Ranking of World Universities in 2018, UCSD ranks among the top 20 schools in the US. This institution is ranked 15th in the list of best schools in the USA. Based on the research of the US News & World Reports, UCSD was listed as number 9 amongst the best public institutions in the USA.

In terms of student life, Price Center is the center for various activities in the school. The school has a distinct accommodation plan for its students. The various faculties in the school have hostels and groups students into hostels such as first-year students, couples hostels, a hostel for transfer students. UCSD also offers an exclusive residence for international students at the institution.

There are several unique organizations for students at UCSD and different fraternities at the institution. In terms of Athletics, UCSD recently joined the NCAA Division I in 2016 after playing in the second division for a long time.

Acceptance Rate at the University of California, San Diego

The University of California, San Diego admission rate is quite low. Historically, the acceptance rate of UCSD has been within the range of 30-37%. In the latest admission cycle, approximately 98,000 freshmen applied for admission to UCSD, and approximately 30,400 students were offered admission representing an estimated 30% of students who applied.

The SAT score of most students offered admission at UCSD range from 1300 to 1520, while the ACT range of freshmen offered admission was between 28 to 34. The latest school fees for students from San Diego are approximately $14,000 while those from other states paid around $40,000.

48% of the students who enrolled at UCSD were female. Thus, UCSD can be said to give out half of the admission space to females.

Approximately 48% of the students at UCSD have Asian origin while the remaining 52% include other races. The selection process at UCSD has been described as ‘most selective’ indicating the rigor involved in getting admitted into the institution. Over 70% of the estimated student population hails from San Diego.


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