Touro College is a private institute in New York that has a strong affiliation with the religion of Judaism. It was named after two Jewish scholars and philanthropists, Isaac Touro and Judah Touro. Founded in 1971, the main mission of the college was to perpetuate Jewish teachings and culture. Touro College is home to more than 7000 undergraduate and 4000 graduate students. The faculty consists of approximately 1400 professors. The academic system of the university consists of more than 25 schools that offer courses in the fields of political sciences, law, medical sciences, health sciences, and religion. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Touro College.

Touro College and University system consist of branches across four countries, of which, the New York branch is the main one. Besides the United States, it has branches in Moscow, Israel, and Berlin. Due to its strong bond with Judaism, the university provides special breaks to students and staff to worship and celebrate religious activities.

The faculty to student ratio at Touro College is 1 to 11 which is quite great. Students claim that professors are very cooperative and give their students a lot of individual attention.

Touro College has a very small on-campus residence. Only 10 percent of the students live in the university’s residence halls and hostels while most of the students have to arrange for a private residence in the city of New York.

According to Touro graduates, the athletic program of the university was very poor with scarce sports activities, until 2013, when tornados were founded. Currently, the tornados play only two sports of basketball and boxing and take part in NCAA Division-3 basketball championship each year. The condition of other sports is still quite dire.

Students at Touro have formed many independent organizations that host various recreational and educational activities throughout the calendar. Some of the independent clubs include Math Society, Speech Club, Political Science Club, Art Club, and E-Gaming Society. Besides these clubs, Touro also has a student-organized religious society dedicated to transmitting and promoting Jewish heritage. If you would like to attend university, the good news is that the acceptance rate at Touro College is quite high.

If you are not a Jew, you should avoid applying at Touro as only Jewish students are eligible for several privileges at the university, including various merit and need-based scholarships.

As the university was fully developed in the late 20th century, the alumni network of the university is not quite large. Still, the school has managed to produce some great politicians, attorneys, and advocates. Touro claims that their alumni network consists of more than 90,000 people residing in over 25 nations.

Acceptance Rate at Touro College

With an acceptance rate of 56%, Touro College is a moderately selective school. For the class of 2022, more than 2,000 students applied of which about 1,100 received their acceptance letter. The high school GPA of the selected candidates was 3.0 (on a scale of 5). It is not compulsory to provide an SAT or ACT score with your application. Although, to make your application strong, I strongly recommend to provide the score. The necessary application requirements include two recommendation letters and an essay along with an application fee of $50.


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