The establishment of Tulane University in New Orleans in 1834 was part of the government’s effort to contain the different diseases (malaria, smallpox, etc.) brought to the country from its trade across the world. At the time, the institution was still called Medical College of Louisiana until 1884 when Paul Tulane, a native Princeton merchant, donated $1 million worth of money and land to the school, which led to its renaming as Tulane University. Aside from its name, Tulane University had also undergone significant improvements and acquired new facilities over time to form the reputed university it is today that caters to students from 50 states in the US and 58 countries from around the world. In this article, we will be looking at Tulane University scholarships for international students.

International Students at Tulane University

Almost 18% or 1,282 of the students in Tulane University are foreign nationals, and approximately 150 international students get added to this population each year. The school has a designated Office of International Students and Scholars tasked to assist international applicants and students. You can get information about the office and international students here.

Tuition Fee at Tulane University for International Students

The tuition fees for international and domestic students’ undergraduate programs are the same and vary on whether the student is a resident (stays at school) and a commuter (resides outside of school). For an undergraduate resident, the tuition fee, including the miscellaneous, amounts to $80,200, whereas it only costs $67,900 for a commuter.

On the other hand, the tuition fees for graduate degrees vary per program. For instance, a graduate degree in Law has a tuition fee of $60,700 and can amount to $84,700 with living and miscellaneous fees included. In comparison, a graduate degree in medicine can cost $96,400 to resident students and $77,700 to commuters. It remains best to check the website to check the tuition fee for the program you will be taking.

International Admissions Guide at Tulane University

The application and admission process for international students is almost the same for local students with a few additional requirements. Before applying, it is essential to review the checklist and conditions of Tulane University. Once you have compiled all the necessary documents, the earlier you take your ACT or SAT and apply, the better. For instance, if you take the ACT or SAT by October and submit your application before November 1, you will receive your deposit Notification as early as December 15. However, this application will be binding, and you will have to withdraw your application and not be able to apply to other schools except Tulane University.

Another application date that will allow you to enroll in other schools is to submit your documents on or before November 15. If you have missed both dates, you can still apply under regular decision until January 15. The application for the programs (Green Wave Portal) and scholarship (Gibson Online) is through their online portal. You can view the international student application checklist here.

Each faculty of the graduate programs have their application process and requirements for application and admission. It generally starts with searching for the Masters’s or Ph.D. degree on the search tool available on the school’s website. Then arrange all the requirements and submit it through the online portal except for graduate programs under the School of Medicine, Law School, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and School of Professional Advancement since they require that you reach out directly.

Application Fee at Tulane University

The application fee varies per program and degree type in Tulane University; some may not require fees. The application fee ranges from $60-125.

Admissions Requirements at Tulane University for International Students

For undergraduate requirements, your counselor or any official in your previous school should be the one to submit your secondary school transcripts and recommendation to Naviance or Additional requirements for students from non-English speaking countries include TOEFL/IELTS score with code 6832. For both domestic and international students, the SAT or ACT score and Certification of Finances form. International students can also opt to undergo an interview, especially those from non-English speaking countries, which are conducted online or in-person by InitialView, Vatican, or Duolingo English Test.

Although the requirements in each graduate program differ, the general application requirements are as follows:

  • Application form
  • Application fee (if required)
  • Transcripts from undergraduate and graduate schools attended
  • General Test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resumé/CV
  • TOEFL/IELTS scores
  • Standardized test scores

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Tulane University Rankings

Tulane University, located in New Orleans, has been hailed by Forbes as the 19th Best University in the South of USA. It ranks 68th in the US College Ranking and 41st in US News Best Colleges for 2021. Tulane University is also part of the top 350 Times Higher Education World University rankings for 2021. It is evident from these rankings that Tulane University is a top-performing university in the USA and globally.

Tulane University Acceptance Rate

As a respected educational institution, Tulane University ensures that the quality of students they admit will be the cream of the crop, and due to this, their estimated acceptance rate is only at 17%. To get accepted, you must acquire a high SAT or ACT score and satisfactory academic background.

Tulane University Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Dean’s Honor Scholarship

Dean’s Honor Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship at Tulane University awarded to incoming first-year applicants regardless of country of origin that is part of the top 5% of their class, with honors, satisfactory curricular activities, and high college scores admission test. You must apply for the scholarship at the same time you apply for admission to Tulane University.

The student should not be under any other scholarship once granted except partial athletic scholarships. As a scholar, you must maintain a 3.00 cumulative grade point to renew the scholarship per year. The scholarship is renewable for up to four to five years.

2. Partial Tuition Merit Scholarships

The Partial Tuition Scholarships are to grant to any freshmen candidates who submitted their application by January 15. Grantees should maintain a cumulative grade point of 2.75 to renew this Tulane University scholarship. Note that Partial Tuition Merit Scholarship is combinable with partial athletic scholarship and Community Service Award, National Merit Scholarship, and TOPS. Application is the same as other scholarship grants through the Gibson Portal.

There are other merits and needs-based scholarships for international students at Tulane University. However, only a few need-based scholarships accept international students, unlike a merit-based scholarship, which is open for all students with excellent educational performance. Check out the other undergraduate scholarships here.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Tulane Graduate and Professional School Merit-Based Scholarship

There are extremely limited Graduate scholarships at Tulane University. The few merit-based scholarships available in the university vary according to each faculty, so it’s best to coordinate with your respective admission office. Each school will notify the students if they are eligible for any scholarship upon application.

Aside from the graduate scholarship directly from Tulane University, there are also other Outside scholarships available, especially for students in the School of Medicine. The school also offers financial aids for local and international students, which you can apply on top of the scholarship, so best check them out.


I hope that this article on Tulane University scholarships for international students was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.