Do you want to attend universities in Turkey as an international student? If so, you should check out this post about cheap universities in Turkey. This country has become a popular country for international students because of its great scholarship programs and cheap tuition. In public universities, tuition is subsidized by the government and is very low compared to universities in other countries. Because of that reason, Turkish universities are popular among international students.

In this article, I have listed the tuition fees in USD and included the tuition link to official university websites. So, definitely take a look at the university website as well to see that the tuition fees that I have posted here are correct!

Description of Universities in Turkey and Tuition Links

Ege University

  • Since 1955, Ege University has been one of the largest and oldest universities in Turkey. International students can study various subjects in 17 different faculties. The good news is that since Ege University is a public university, the tuition is very cheap even for international students.
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Uskudar University

  • Although this university is a recently established university, having been founded in 2011, Uskudar University has made great progress in the medical field. Its predecessor was a hospital that researched various areas such as neurology and psychiatry. This university specializes in the medical field, but it has a great curriculum in engineering, humanities, and communications. International students should definitely consider applying to this cheap university in Turkey!
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Bogazici University

  • Bogazici University was founded in 1863 by Christopher Robert. It is an English-speaking university in Turkey which means that all classes are conducted in English. Also, it is one of the best universities in Turkey because of its heritage and prestige. It has many connections with universities in advanced countries because it was founded by an American. International students can study applied science, humanities, engineering, education, and other subjects in English at this excellent university in Turkey!
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Middle East Technical University

  • Middle East Technical University is an excellent institution that specializes in STEM fields. International students can take courses in any of 42 departments and 5 faculties which are Architecture, Arts and Sciences,  Economic and Administrative Sciences, Education, and Engineering. It is one of the cheap universities in Turkey for international students. So if you want to attend, then apply!
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Yasar University

  • Yasar University is one of the best universities in Turkey for international students because it was founded to be a university that is focused on internationalization. Because of that, all classes are conducted in English, and the university wants to recruit international students to increase diversity. Definitely consider this university when you are thinking about studying in Turkey!
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Cankaya University

  • Cankaya University is a fabulous institution that was founded in 1997. It awards Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees for both domestic and international students. Students can attend classes on two beautiful campuses in various subjects.
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Those were some affordable universities you can consider if you’ve been thinking about studying in Turkey. I hope it was informative and helpful for you. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Europe for International Students!