UNIST, also known as Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, is a public university focused on research, science, and technology. It was established in 2007 in the industrial capital of Ulsan, a city known to house industrial companies such as Hyundai and SK Energy. UNIST highly advocates globalization and supports international students with the means of having English-medium classes. In addition, there are many UNIST Scholarships for international students, which we will see in this article!

At present, the university comprises 4,773 students and 455 professors where 8% of the total are international students. You can find different facilities such as the UNIST Sports Center, a Prayer room for Muslim students, a Music hall, and many more. If you wish to study at UNIST in Korea, you will need a D-2 student visa and apply at your country’s Embassy or Consulate.

International Students at UNIST

As of the February 25th 2019 data shown on their website, the total number of international students is 319 comprising 192 undergraduates and 127 graduates. The international students came from around the globe from 49 countries where most of the undergraduate students are from Kazakhstan and most of the graduate students are from Vietnam.

Studying with UNIST allows international students to participate in several programs and organizations such as International Music Band (IMB), Beauty Jam, UMUN, and Voluntary Program. One of the first programs students get to experience is a day wearing a traditional Korean Hanbok where students learn basic information about Korea’s culture, ceremonies, and history and eat Korean desserts. Moreover, students have the opportunity to go on an industrial tour with world-renowned industries such as Hyundai and SK Energy.

International students will also have a field trip in Korea and celebrate International Day. Among all the resources that international students have in UNIST, the most important is having free on-campus health insurance as students may experience accidents from various activities in school. Though there is free health insurance, it is still mandatory for international students to have their own private health insurance.

Tuition Fee at UNIST for International Students

The cost of tuition is not stated on the website as most international students can be granted a scholarship, depending on their GPA. However, according to one of the FAQs on the website, the tuition fee is about USD 2,750. Generally, the tuition fee per semester for the undergraduate level is about USD 2,650 to USD 3,140. For graduate students, it can be about USD 3,840.

International Admissions Guide at UNIST

The Fall Undergraduate Admissions Guidelines for International Students fully explain the details on the admissions timeline, eligibility, quota, programs, procedure, criteria, required documents, and important notices. On this page, you can also find the Application Forms for UNIST International Admissions.

As for international graduate students, their Guidelines for Graduate Admission outlines available scholarships, the timeline, and process of application, academic programs, admission quota, qualification for application, admission process, required documents, and important notes. On this page, you will also find important links to download the Application Form and Admission guideline and the link to Apply to Graduates Department for Foreigners.

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Application Fee at UNIST

According to one of the FAQs on their website, there is no application fee for international students.

Admissions Requirements at UNIST for International Students

To be eligible for entry, international undergraduate students should be non-Korean citizens and have completed elementary, middle, and high school levels. All necessary documents should also be submitted such as personal statements, recommendation letters, and transcripts as these will be assessed to their criteria to determine if you can be admitted or not. This information can be found in their admissions guidelines on the Admission Eligibility and Submission of Requirements page.

For international graduate students, a completed bachelor’s degree is required for a master’s program and a completed master’s degree for a doctoral program. Moreover, an English qualification is required such as TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, and TELP. Upon submission of your documents, these will be evaluated two times: Document screening and Interview. The documents are assessed and entry will depend on academic qualifications and potential. After passing the first evaluation, an interview is conducted to learn more about your English proficiency level and how much you know about the major you are applying for. This information can be read on their Qualification for Application page.

UNIST Rankings

As of 2021, UNIST has been ranked 176th at the World University Rankings. In 2020, UNIST was ranked 17th at the Young University Rankings and 23rd at the Asia University Rankings. With these rankings, UNIST continues to strive and achieve its vision of becoming among the top 10 science and technology universities worldwide by the year 2030.

UNIST Acceptance Rate

According to their admissions quota, only about 80 undergraduate students enter the undergraduate level. For graduate students, the quota for 2021 graduate admission is about 553 which comprises 168 for master’s, 313 for master’s-doctoral, and about 72 for doctoral. The UNIST acceptance rate is estimated to be around 30% for international students.

UNIST Scholarships for International Students

UNIST Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Tuition Waiver Scholarship (Merit-based)

International students are given a full or partial scholarship granted that 12 credits are acquired each semester. Full UNIST scholarships for international students are given to freshmen students with a 2.0 GPA and sophomore students with a 3.1 or above GPA. Sophomore students with a 2.7 GPA or above are given a half scholarship. As an important note, there is no scholarship for students enrolled in the ninth semester and the next semesters.

2. Global UNISTAR Scholarship

International students are selected and recommended by the UNIST Admission Committee. If selected, during freshman year a UNIST scholarship is granted even without any requirements for the first semester. However, certain conditions apply such as obtaining a minimum of 12 credits and a 2.0 or above GPA to receive a scholarship for the next semester.

The Global UNISTAR Scholarship has two categories: Gold and Silver. The gold category grants international students with KRW 800,000/month (approx. USD 700) in spring and KRW 630,000/month (approx. USD 560) for fall. For the Silver category, students are given KRW 500,000/month (approx. USD 440) for spring and KRW 330,000/month (approx. USD 290) for fall.

For other UNIST scholarships available for undergraduate international students, more information is written on their scholarship page.

UNIST Graduate Scholarships

1. UNIST Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Tuition fee waiver, stipend (depending on scholarship)

Graduate students are granted a full UNIST scholarship provided they are qualified. Students may get a scholarship that is either funded by the Korean government, by UNIST, or by others like a company. Moreover, students enrolled in a master’s program for four semesters, a doctoral program for eight semesters, and a master’s-doctoral for 12 semesters can claim the scholarship.

2. Stipend

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount Master’s: USD 8,500 per year
  • Scholarship Amount Doctoral: USD 11,700 per year

To qualify for a Stipend, the criteria are similar to a UNIST Scholarship and a stipend of KRW 9,600,000 (approx. USD 8,500) per year for a master’s program and KRW 13,200,000 (approx. USD 11,700) per year for a doctoral program is given. The stipend is given every month and will increase depending on the participating Lab.

For more information on other UNIST scholarships for international students, you can find it on the scholarship page of Graduate School Admissions.


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