In this article, we will be discussing the universities in China with the highest acceptance rates. I hope that you will find this informative.

Universities in China with High Acceptance Rates

1. Fudan University

  • Acceptance Rate – 32%

Found in the dynamic and thriving financial hub of China’s biggest city, Shanghai, is Fudan University. It has been around since 1905 and takes its place in history as the first higher education institution to be founded by a Chinese person. The school has 70 majors for its undergraduate programs and 35,000 students attending the sprawling 245-hectare campus. The university’s layout includes the main area (Handan Campus and Jiangwan Campus) and the two side campuses (Fengling and Zhangjiang). In 2000, Fudan University merged with Shanghai Medical University, the first medical school founded by a Chinese person in 1927. To embody the Fudan spirit is to commit to patriotic service, independent thinking, and the pursuit of excellence. It is also one of the universities in China with the highest acceptance rates.


2. Tsinghua University

  • Acceptance Rate – 36%

Tsinghua University rules all of mainland China as the top-ranking university in the country. Located in northwest Beijing, it has served as a beacon of excellence and prestige, attracting high-caliber students from across the country and the world. The university is a site of so much history. It was founded in 1911 and built on what used to be the royal Tsinghua Garden way back in the Qing Dynasty. Tsinghua University is one of the country’s most influential institutions of higher learning and it fittingly takes the lead in the pursuit of China’s prosperity.


3. Tongji University

  • Acceptance Rate – 42%

Next on our list of Chinese universities with high acceptance rates is the prestigious Tongji University. This university-based in Shanghai is one of the oldest universities in the country. It started off as a German-run medical school in 1907 and eventually transformed into a comprehensive university offering world-class programs in business, medicine, engineering, architecture, and law. Tongji receives support from the Shanghai Municipality and it’s directly under China’s Ministry of Education. The university upholds the trinity of “knowledge, ability, and personality”, incorporating this combination into its curriculum.


4. Renmin University of China

  • Acceptance Rate – 43%

Renamed from North China University in 1950, the Renmin University of China takes the title of being the first modern university founded by the People’s Republic of China. Also, it is one of the universities in China with high acceptance rates. The Renmin University of China, or “Renda” as it’s called locally, is also another Class A university and it can be found in Beijing’s Haidian District. RUC’s top programs lean heavily towards the humanities and social sciences. An evaluation report from the Ministry of Education of China reveals that the social science schools in Renda are one of the best in the country.


5. Southeast University

  • Acceptance Rate – 46%

Southeast University, established in 1902, is historically known as the very first co-ed university in China. It has undergone many name changes since but it was in May 1988 when it finally received its present title. You can find the university in the ancient capital of Nanjing. The programs at Southeast, specifically in architecture, landscape architecture, its engineering courses, and urban planning consistently make it into the nation’s top 3. “Strive for perfection” is their motto and at Southeast University, students are trained to achieve their dreams.


6. Harbin Institute of Technology

  • Acceptance Rate – 50%

Next on the list of universities in China with high acceptance rates is the Harbin Institute of Technology. Set up in 1920, the urban university of Harbin Institute of Technology has expanded to three campuses covering China from north to south. The main Harbin campus is in the Heilongjiang Province, while the Shandong Province hosts the Weihei campus and Guangdon has the Shenzen campus. HIT is a reputed member of the country’s C9 League and is also a global leader in universities offering engineering, which they currently rank 6th worldwide in. The unique style of schooling at HIT is famous in China for its strict qualifications. The whole community at HIT, faculty, staff, and students, work together and make it their responsibility to maximize learning.


7. Zhengzhou University

  • Acceptance Rate – 50%

The most populous university in China is Zhengzhou University. ZZU’s four campuses in Zhengzhou City span a total of 939 acres and that’s more than enough for its 70,000 students. Their globally competitive academic programs include chemistry, clinical medicine, material science, engineering, biology and biochemistry, and pharmacology and toxicology. The community at Zhengzhou University finds deep roots in the culture of China’s Central Plains. ZZU is a melting pot for many cultures and students from all walks of life come here and find harmony despite the differences.


8. Xi’an Jiatong University

  • Acceptance Rate – 55%

Xi’an Jiaotong University is a Shaanxi-based comprehensive research institution and a Double First Class University. Its another member of the elite C9 League and its 10 key disciplines include medicine, engineering, the sciences, economics, and management. Students can opt to take one of Xi’an Jiaotong’s 84 undergraduate majors, 200 master’s degree programs, and 115 doctoral disciplines. XJTU is also home to the only top medical science school in the Northwest region. Directly connected to China’s Ministry of Health, the medical school in this Chinese university with high acceptance rates is thoroughly equipped with keystone labs, and teaching and affiliated hospitals.


9. Central South University

  • Acceptance Rate – 80%

In the Hunan province lies one of China’s national universities and that’s Central South University. With the new millennium came a new and improved university by merging three institutions: Hunan Medical University, Changsha Railway University, and the Central South University of Technology. With the vast Yuelu Mountain on the horizon, students, faculty, and staff may be able to enjoy the delightful scenery as they study and research at CSU. The school also has three Grade-A Class-Three comprehensive hospitals, the Stomatological Hospital, and an affiliate cancer hospital in support of its Xiangya School of Medicine. CSU also answers the demand of improving China’s national economy and modernizing national defense.


10. Huazhong University of Science and Technology

  • Acceptance Rate – 36%

Huazhong University of Science and Technology is a product of the merger in 2000 between the Huazhong Institute of Technology, Tongji Medical University, and Wuhan Urban Construction Institute. Over 55,000 students attend HUST and are comfortably accommodated in its 460-hectare grounds found on the central banks of the Yangtze river. It is also one of the universities in China with high acceptance rates. Because its campus has a greenery coverage of 72%, they call HUST the “University in the Forest”, making the campus all the more appealing for nature lovers. HUST is also the proud home of five state key laboratories: Wuhan National Laboratory of Optoelectronics, the National Science Center, Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center, Center for Gravitational Experiments, and the 3MWth Carbon Capture Test Base, the largest pilot system in China that’s dedicated to oxy-fuel combustion carbon capture.


11. South China Normal University

  • Acceptance Rate – 80%

South China Normal University was established in 1933 and has since then expanded into a teaching-oriented research university in Guangzhou, Guangdong that caters to over 36,200 students. SCNU believes in international exchange and has formed global partnerships such as the “International Joint Laboratory for Optical Information” with three European universities. Their campus is a breath of fresh air with all its open spaces, flowers, greenery, ponds, and lakes. That, coupled with the impressive architecture of its school buildings makes SCNU an ideal place to learn and grow.


12. Northwestern Polytechnical University

  • Acceptance Rate – 80%

If you’re interested in marine, aeronautical, or astronautical engineering, then Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi’an, Shaanxi would make a superb choice. China’s Double First Class University Plan sponsors 36 Type-A schools and NPU is one of these global first-class universities. Among its accomplishments include being one of the first universities to establish a national university science park, as well as hosting the Northwest Institute of Industrial Technology and the nation’s cutting-edge Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) R&D base.


13. Wuhan University

  • Acceptance Rate – 80%

If you’re looking to attend one of China’s most selective and esteemed universities, then Wuhan University might be for you. Growing enormously in prestige and number since 1893, the Chinese Ministry of Education has given them a nod as a Class A Double First Class University. It is also a Chinese university with a high acceptance rate. Wuhan’s campus spans over 5,100 square meters and accommodates more than 58,700 students from all levels. Wuhan is also considered the “Most Beautiful University” for seamlessly integrating eastern and western architectural styles.


14. University of Science and Technology of China

  • Acceptance Rate -85%

Also making it into China’s elite C9 League and recognized as a Double First Class university, is the University of Science and Technology of China. Founded in 1958 by and directly under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), USTC has made its base in the capital of the Anhui province, Heifei. Quality is given precedence over everything and is especially favored over quantity. The University of Science and Technology of China is a cradle of many of the country’s “firsts”. It’s home to China’s first graduate school, the first institution that pushed for the education of gifted Chinese youth. It also hosts China’s very first “big science facility”, the Hefei Synchotron Radiation Facility.


15. Nanjing University

  • Acceptance Rate – 90%

Finally, we end our list of universities in China with high acceptance rates with Nanjing University. Founded in 1902, in the old capital city of Nanjing, is a prestigious C9 member institution. Worldwide, Nanjing University ranks 114th in the QS rankings, with 3 of its disciplines ranking first nationwide. NJU has managed to round up more than 36,500 students and 2,200 faculty members. The university maintains an admirable working spirit and method: unadorned but full of heart and sincerity, all in the hopes of progressing the country. It also helps that the campus is magnificent to study in with ancient buildings blending in with the more sleek and modern-styled constructions.


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