Japan with its 3rd largest economy is certainly a well-developed country. In the fields of technology and electronics, Japan is the most advanced country. Japan has achieved this position by bringing advancements in its research and education. Currently, there are about 800 professional colleges and universities in Japan, which are providing world-class education. Forty-five Japanese universities ranked in the top universities of the world in 2019.

Universities in Japan with Lowest Acceptance Rates

1. Tokyo Institute of Technology

Acceptance Rate: 10%

Also known as Tokyo Tech, Tokyo Institute is a worldwide famous institute of Japan. With its location in the capital of Japan, it is a top choice for national as well as international students.

Tokyo Tech is among the top-rated universities in the world. This university in Japan with low acceptance rates has always retained its position in the best top-50 of the world. Its distinction is that many of its departments can be seen at world leader boards. Tokyo Tech is quite famous among international students for the research facilities it is providing. This is one of the reasons that about 5,000 international students are currently enrolled at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

2. Waseda University

Acceptance Rate: 17%

Established in 1882, Waseda University is among the oldest Institutes of Japan. With a rank of 212th in the world, Waseda University is one of the most selective universities in Japan. It is a private institution and is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. If an international is looking to get into the field of technology, Waseda University is the right choice for him. Waseda University has 36 departments; 13 undergraduate and 23 graduate schools. Waseda University boasts of its successful alumni. The CEOs of many successful brands such as; Honda, Sony, Mitsubishi, Nintendo, and Toshiba are all Waseda University alumni.

3. Hitotsubashi University

Acceptance Rate: 17%

Next on our list of universities in Japan with low acceptance rates is Hitotsubashi University, a public university in Tokyo. It is one of the top-rated universities in Japan and is famous for social sciences. It was established in 1920 and has developed a lot since then. Hitotsubashi University’s economics and commerce are famous worldwide. It ranked 7th in Truly Strong Universities Rankings. With a rank of 365th in the world, it is a very competitive University for international students. Hitotsubashi University currently has 4 faculties, 6 graduate schools, and 1 institute. There are about 6,500 students currently enrolled at Hitotsubashi University, out of which, 870 are international students.

4. Tokyo University of Science

Acceptance Rate: 19%

A renowned private university of Japan, Tokyo University of Science, was established in 1881 as a physics institute in Shinjuku, Tokyo. But it gained university status in 1939 and was renamed Tokyo University of Science. One of the distinctions of Tokyo University of Science is that it produced a Nobel Prize in the Natural Sciences field in Asia and is the only private Japanese university with such distinction. Its current rank is 36th in the world and 13th in Japan. Tokyo University of Science has 7 faculties and 31 departments at present. Evidently, its department of Natural Sciences is most renowned.

5. Sophia University

Acceptance Rate: 21%

Sophia University is a private research university located in Tokyo. It is a well-reputed educational institute. The most notable feature of Sophia University is that its graduated students have the 8th best employment rate. Its graduates have the 6th best average salary in Japan. Sophia University ranked 41st in Truly Strong Universities Rankings. WE ranked it 8th best for its Employment rate in 400 Major Companies. It ranked 17th in Bar Exam Pass Rate Rankings 2011. This is the reason that about 14,000 students are currently enrolled in Sophia University. It is also one of the Japanese universities with low acceptance rates.

6. Keio University

Acceptance Rate: 23.9%

Keio University is a private but oldest in Japan. From its establishment in 1858 in Minato, Tokyo, it has progressed a lot. Keio University has various famous alumni including 3 former prime ministers of Japan, 2 astronauts, 1 Wolf Prize winner, and  76 members of the Japanese Parliament. There are about 34,000 students enrolled at Keio University. About 1,072 of these are international students. Keio ranked 9th globally in 2013. It ranked 34th globally and 3rd in Asia in 2015. Its current rank on world leader boards is 4th. Keio University comprises 71 departments, 10 faculties, and 20 professional schools.

7. Nihon University

Acceptance Rate: 24.9%

Nihon University is the largest university in Japan because of its highest count of 70,000 student enrollments. It is the most selective private university in Japan that was built in 1889 in Chiyoda, Tokyo. Its College of Law is especially the most famous of all. Nihon University comprises 9 colleges, 3 professional schools, and 20 graduate schools. It has 20 faculties. It has the widest range of courses provided at any educational institute in Japan. Its current rank in the world is 81st.

8. Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS)

Acceptance Rate: 26.3%

A national institute devoted to the advancement of international studies in Japan is TUFS that was built in 1949 in Fuchu, Tokyo. The main distinction of TUFS is that it has 26 departments devoted to language. About 4,500 students are currently enrolled at TUFS. Tokyo University of Foreign Studies was ranked 20th among the 181 universities in Truly Strong University Rankings 2010. It ranks 9th in the world for its large number of successful alumni. TUFS is also one of the universities in Japan with the lowest acceptance rates.

9. University of Tsukuba

Acceptance Rate: 31.6%

The University of Tsukuba is a very noticeable research university. It is a public institute that was founded in 1872. It is in Tsukuba, Ibaraki. It has 28 colleges. The strength of the University of Tsukuba lies in its fields of science, mathematics, technology, engineering, and medicine. It has provided many Nobel Prize winners. It is considered the 10th best research institution in Japan according to Thomson Reuters Corporation. In 2010, it was ranked 19th best passing rate of Bar Exams of Japan.

10. The University of Tokyo

Acceptance Rate: 34%

If a list of the universities in Japan with the lowest acceptance rates is to be made, the name of The University of Tokyo cannot be missed. It is one of the renowned public research universities in Japan. The University of Tokyo attracts students from around the world. Its most famous alumni consist of 17 Prime Ministers, many Nobel Prize laureates, three astronauts, and one Fields Medalist. It comprises 10 faculties and 15 graduate schools. Its School of Law is the most famous of all. Its faculty of Economics is ranked 4th in Japan. Currently, it has 20th rank in the world and 12th rank in Asia.


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