Also known as the “Heart of America”, Paraguay is a small country located in the center of South America, between Brazil and Argentina. This country is known for its really warm and kind people, the miscegenation of its citizens, and the way they embrace their roots. If you are interested in studying in Latin America, Paraguay is a very good option because universities are very affordable. In this article, we will be looking at the cheap tuition universities in Paraguay!

More than 95% of Paraguayans are mixed-race and this is one of the few countries in the world that still have an indigenous language as one of their official languages. Spanish and Guarani are Paraguay’s official languages. Actually, 90% of Paraguayans speak Guarani while 87% of them speak Spanish.

These are just a few of the aspects of the incredible culture of Paraguay, which will be part of a surely enriching experience if you decide to go there to study.

How are universities in Paraguay?

The government of Paraguay has done huge efforts to improve the quality of universities. For a long time, the country only had two universities. It was in the 1990s when more public higher education institutions were opened. It was around this time when private universities started to appear. They currently have over 40 private universities and eight public universities.

As in other Latin American countries, bachelor’s degree programs last for five years, master’s degree programs last for two years, and doctorate degree programs last for three years. Most universities offer specializations that last for a year.


How is the admissions process at Paraguayan universities?

Admissions will depend on each university. Some only require submitting documents and others include entrance exams and/or interviews.

Other universities have mandatory pre-university courses that every student has to take and pass in order to be admitted and start studying. These usually last for a few months.


Do I need to know Spanish for studying at a Paraguayan university?

As we mentioned above, Guarani and Spanish are the official languages of Paraguay. Spanish is the language used in media, education, and governmental matters. So, the majority of the programs are taught in Spanish.

Finding programs in English will be very hard. Paraguay is the perfect destination for those who want to learn Spanish or improve it. As an international student, universities will ask you to show language proficiency, take a Spanish exam, or take one of their language courses.


Are universities in Paraguay expensive?

Universities in Paraguay are very affordable, and we mean it when we say that!

Paraguay’s official currency is called “Paraguayan Guarani” (PYG). 100,000 PYG is around 16 USD.

Universities usually change monthly payments instead of one payment per semester or academic year.

Monthly payments at the most expensive universities go from 1,000,000 PYG to 1,500,000 PYG, which is between 160 USD to 240 USD. This means that the academic year could cost between 1,920 USD and 2,900 USD.

However, there are much more affordable universities. Monthly payments at more affordable universities could cost between 400,000 PYG and 900 PYG, which means that tuition fees for a whole year would be between 900 USD to 1,800 USD.

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And what about the cost of living in Paraguay?

Renting a one-bedroom apartment can cost between 250 USD to 350 USD per month depending on the area. As for transportation, you would spend around 25 USD on public transportation. This will be for buses as Asunción, the capital city has no metro.

Eating at a local restaurant would cost 5 USD. If you go to a mid-range restaurant, a meal for two would cost around 24 USD.


Cheap Universities in Paraguay

1. Polytechnic and Artistic University of Paraguay (UPAP)

Officially opened in 1996, the Polytechnic and Artistic University of Paraguay (UPAP) has five faculties of arts and technology, health sciences, social sciences and humanities, juridical sciences, and arts and technology.

UPAP also offers online degree programs which include seven bachelor degree programs and three post-graduate degree programs.

This cheap university in Paraguay has a research and innovation center and a university hospital.

Admissions are done through the submission of documents. Visit their website and contact them to learn more about applications and tuition fees. You can change the language in the drop-down menu (“Seleccionar idioma”) located in the upper bar.


2. The Private University of the East (UPE)

Founded in 1992, the Private University of the East (UPE) was the first private university that was opened outside of the capital region.

UPE has seven campuses in the cities of Asunción, Santa Rita, Fernando de la Mora, Minga Guazu, Ciudad del Este, Hernandarias, and Presidente Franco, which is the main one.

The university has 111 faculties that offer 17 bachelor’s degree programs. This affordable university in Paraguay also offers two specializations and a master’s degree program.

Visit their website to learn more about admissions and tuition fees.


3. María Auxiliadora University (UMAX)

María Auxiliadora University (UMAX) is a private university that specializes in health and information technology. It was created in 2007.

UMAX offers four bachelor’s degree programs in computer engineering, computer science, medicine, and nursing. Additionally, this cheap university in Paraguay offers a master’s degree program in higher education, a specialization university teaching, and a certificate in research methodology.

In 2017, monthly payments were of 1,200,000 PYG (190 USD) for first-year students. Check out their website and contact them to learn more about admissions and tuition fees. Select your preferred language by clicking the translation button in the upper right corner.


4. National University of Canindeyú (UNICAN)

We finish our list of the most recently opened public university in Paraguay with the National University of Canindeyú (UNICAN), which was created in 2010.

Located in the city Salto del Guairá, UNICAN has five faculties of business and economic sciences, sciences and technology, environmental and farming sciences, social and juridical sciences, and health sciences. They also offer a certificate in higher education.

Admissions depend on the faculty. For example, to be admitted to the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences, applicants must take a five-week entrance course and pass a final exam. Contact them to get more details. Remember to select your preferred language in the drop-down menu available in the upper bar, next to the search box.


I hope that this article on cheap universities in Paraguay was helpful. Feel free to check out Available Programs for International Students and learn more about studying abroad.