The United States of America (generally called America) is a vast developed country consisting of more than fifty states. America has great political and economic influence in the world as it is the founding member of the UN, World Bank, NATO, and many other big organizations of the world. It has the world’s largest economy. This economy largely depends on the export of goods and is the world’s 2nd largest exporter. US’s standards of health and education are the highest of all the countries.

The US has a literacy rate of 99%, despite having a population of over 327 million. More than four thousand educational institutes are dedicated to tertiary education, and many of these institutes are top-ranked in the world. Profound universities like MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and Michigan are national universities of the US. This is the reason that the US is house more than a million international students.

Many universities in the US offer master’s programs in the field of data science. Their quality of education is the finest and is highly regarded by the world’s best tech industries. Students looking for admissions often get confused when they see the extensive list of universities. So, the following list will give you an insight into the top universities that you can consider for data science.

Best Universities in the US for Master’s in Data Science

1. Stanford University

Stanford University, a private research-oriented non-profit university, is widely accredited for its academic & research achievements. It is a high-ranked university and is very selective of its students. The university has always been in the top-five ranks in the world. As of now, about 16,424 students are enrolled in various programs at Stanford University.

Stanford University has more than forty departments that are organized into its seven schools, which are business, environmental sciences, education, engineering, humanities & sciences, law, and medicine. The university has the credit of bringing innovations and discoveries to the fields of natural sciences, computer & applied sciences, and business & entrepreneurship.

Stanford University is offering MS in statistics: concentration in data science. This degree has a duration of 2 years and it provides extensive knowledge of subjects like discrete mathematics, algorithms, variance analysis, and data mining.

2. Columbia University (New York)

Columbia University, the oldest institute of New York dedicated to advanced studies, is a private institute. Currently, the university holds a rank of 3rd best in the US. The distinguishing achievements of this university include the development of BCI (brain-computer interface), maser, laser, and that it ranks top-ten for its research publications. Its physics department has more than 33 Nobel prize winners associated with it.

Columbia University offers different courses related to data science including MS in data science, MS in machine learning, and also some online data science courses. The Master’s in data science offered by this university in the USA has a duration of 1.5 years, available only on-campus. Its major courses include probability theory, data science algorithms, statistical inference & modeling, machine learning for data science, and data visualization & analysis.

3. University of California (Berkeley)

The University of California, founded in 1868 in Berkeley, is a research institute for the public. It has 14th rank globally and 4th rank domestically. The university is very large as it offers more than 350 different degree programs for tertiary education and has more than 42,000 students currently enrolled. This university in the USA offers Masters in Data Science!

The university comprises 130 departments arranged into its 14 colleges & professional schools. These colleges and schools are of chemistry, engineering, environmental design, letters & science, natural resources, education, journalism, business, public policy, information, social welfare, optometry, public health, and law. The engineering department has designed a data science course: master of engineering; with a focus on data science & systems. It also offers a master of information and data science (MIDS), an online degree program that is available in three modes: part-time (32 months duration), full-time (20 months duration), and accelerated (12 months duration).

4. University of Southern California

The University of Southern California (USC) is a private institute, dedicated to research & academics. It is a historic institute that was established in 1880. The major programs being offered at USC include pharmacy, medicine, business, law, engineering, and social work. The university provides the most advanced research equipment and environment. The innovative technologies that were built at USC include DNS (domain name system), DNA computing, dynamic programming, antivirus software, and image compression.

USC offers a 2-year master’s degree in data science i.e. MSc in computer science (data science). This program mainly focuses on the analysis of algorithms, database systems, and foundations of artificial intelligence, for solving problems related to energy, environment, media, health, medicine, and transportation.

The current rank of USC is 62nd in the world and 18th in the US. It has a faculty of about 19,000 members and a student strength of over 46,000.

5. Georgetown University

Georgetown University (GU), former name Georgetown College, is a private university. It offers degree programs in 48 different disciplines. The university has developed a lot since its establishment in 1789, and currently comprises 10 academic & professional schools and a campus in Qatar. It has a student count of 32,000 and a research-oriented faculty of 4,500 members.

GU’s graduate school of arts & sciences is offering a master’s degree in analytics: concentration in data science. It covers the advanced topics of programming, including data analytics, data fundamentals, data visualization, statistical learning, and statistical computing. The course is of 2 years duration and can only be studied at the campus of GU.

GU boasts a large number of noticeable personalities in its staff or alumni, which include Bill Clinton (former president of the US), Iván Duque Márquez (president of Columbia), Saad Hariri (former PM of Lebanon), Ann Sarnoff (CEO of Warner Bros.), Bradley Cooper (actor), Turki bin Faisal (Saudi prince), Abdullah-II (king of Jordan), Lyndon Baines Johnson (former US president), Robert Gates (secretary of defense), and many more.


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