Providing education to South Australia’s future leaders inspired the establishment of the University of Adelaide in 1874. It further expanded to teaching other fields such as Modern Philosophy, Arts, and Science through its first chancellor’s vision. Besides being the third oldest university in the country, the University of Adelaide also became the first to accept women to its academic programs, granting the first degree in 1885.

Over the years, the university achieved numerous milestones, such as building the three other campuses in South Australia and becoming a top-caliber education provider. Its five faculties serve more than 22,000 students through over 3,300 staff. Moreover, the University of Adelaide became internationally recognized for its world-class research standard. As one of the world’s top 1% universities, international students undoubtedly consider the university for their education. This article will discuss admission information and University of Adelaide scholarships to international students.

International Students at the University of Adelaide

Over 9000 international students from 90 countries consider the University of Adelaide their home. With this vast number, the university ensures that students receive adequate support in academic and living aspects. Among the support services available to international students are the student advisors, providing them the opportunity to talk about personal issues, academic concerns, financial problems, visa processing.

Students looking to work on their English language proficiency can access the English support services. Some of these services include the Writing Center and occasional classes at the English Language Center. Furthermore, some social programs can help international students practice their English.

Other services in the university also provide support for the student’s academic life and overall wellbeing. For educational purposes, students can join the Peer-Assisted Study Sessions or PASS and Math Learning Center. For general wellbeing, the university offers healthcare, counseling support, student grievances, disability support, legal assistance, and various services to students with children.

Tuition Fee at the University of Adelaide for International Students

The tuition fee at the University of Adelaide depends on your chosen degree program. You will have to select a degree from the degree catalog to know how much the tuition costs. For undergraduate programs, the following indicative tuition fees range for 24 units may apply:

  • Arts: $26,700
  • Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences: $29,400 to $32,800
  • Health and Medical Sciences: $27,100 to $58,800
  • Professional: $30,900 to $32,800
  • Sciences: $31,700 to $33,200

Meanwhile, the postgraduate coursework at the University of Adelaide applies the following tuition fees on respective subject areas:

  • Arts: $27,900 to $28,600
  • Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences: $29,800 to $34,400
  • Health and Medical Sciences: $27,900 to $58,800
  • Professional: $34,000 to $37,000
  • Sciences: $32,800 to $49,600

International Admissions Guide at the University of Adelaide

Choosing a program precedes the application process, as some information and requirements may differ across different programs. You will also have to check your eligibility and, depending on your country of origin, look for an agent to help you process your application. Moreover, getting into the University of Adelaide requires sending your application in a timely manner. To learn more about admissions for international students, you can follow the admissions guide at this link.

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Application Fee at University of Adelaide

For undergraduate and postgraduate coursework, the application fee is $110.

Admissions Requirements at the University of Adelaide for International Students

The admissions requirements at the University of Adelaide undergraduate coursework may differ depending on your selected program. The general requirements include an International Baccalaureate or its equivalent in your country of origin and English proficiency as officially assessed through IELTS, TOEFL, Pearson Test of English, or the C1 Advanced. The minimum requirements for English proficiency also depend on your chosen program.

For postgraduate coursework, a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for entry. Some graduate diplomas or certificates may suffice depending on the program. Also, you might need to submit additional requirements such as a curriculum vitae and recorded auditions or attend an interview set by the university admissions team. It is best to decide on your preferred degree or program first since the university website will show you the admission guide and requirements through its Degree Finder page.

University of Adelaide Rankings

Prestigious ranking institutions recognized the academic and research excellence of the University of Adelaide. In the 2021 QS Global University Rankings, the university landed the 106th spot, making it the only university in South Australia to have achieved a ranking in the top 250. Meanwhile, Times Higher Education ranked the university 118th in its 2021 World University Rankings.

Shanghai Jiao Tong Rankings, also referred to as Academic Rankings of World Universities, saved the 152nd spot for the University of Adelaide for its academic and research performance excellence. Furthermore, the university’s research subfield met and exceeded world standards based on the 2018 Excellence in Research Australia results conducted by the Australian Research Council.

University of Adelaide Acceptance Rate

The University of Adelaide’s acceptance rate is at 11%, considerably higher than many universities in the country. As it belongs in the top 1% of universities worldwide, it only makes sense that getting into the University of Adelaide can be very difficult and competitive. With its highly selective admission process, the university ensures only the exemplary students will contribute to its outstanding student body.

University of Adelaide Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Global Academic Excellence Scholarship

The University of Adelaide scholarship for international students applies to applicants with the highest grades from their previous education. To be eligible, applicants must have a raw 98 ATAR or its equivalent. The university offers this scholarship to students starting their education from the school year 2021 to 2025. Furthermore, the scholarship is available to students from all nations except Australia and New Zealand.

Successful awardees will receive this scholarship at the University of Adelaide for up to the minimum duration of their full-time degree program, subject to yearly review. The university may withdraw the scholarship on specific circumstances such as failing to meet the eligibility requirements or maintain good academic standing. Besides undergraduate, the scholarship is also offered to qualified postgraduate applicants.

2. Global Citizens Scholarship

The University of Adelaide offers this scholarship to qualified undergraduate and postgraduate international students upon admission. For undergraduate applicants, a minimum of 80% ATAR in year 12 entitles them to a 15% tuition waiver, while at least 90% ATAR awards them a 30% tuition waiver. The scholarship lasts for up to the minimum full-time duration of the awardee’s chosen program.

While students from most programs can get this University of Adelaide scholarship, some degree programs are excluded from the scholarship. Furthermore, recipients undergo an annual review to determine their continued participation in the scholarship program. They are also required to enroll for a full-time study load for each study period and maintain their status as an international student.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Higher Education Scholarships

The Higher Education Scholarships are among the University of Adelaide scholarships for international students from undergraduate and graduate programs. It covers up to the minimum full-time study duration of successful applicants, subject to yearly review. To be eligible for this University of Adelaide scholarship, applicants must have a prior degree, technical or vocational education at an Australian Higher Education institution in Australia or other countries.


I hope that this article on the University of Adelaide scholarships for international students was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.