For over 235 years, the University of Georgia has kept its legacy in promoting excellent higher education to the nation. This university is the state’s oldest public university and the home of great researchers, government leaders, and many more. It generated high-class education in the academic and research field.

The University of Georgia takes pride in its innovative education as it aims to produce graduates who are ready to make changes nationally and globally. The university is known for various fields such as law, medicine, business, and many more.

Today, the university provides education to more than 39,000 students and has 17 schools and colleges in all. These students experience an enhanced learning environment as they develop the skills they needed in their respective fields. Also, the university has a diverse body of students, promoting a global and unified society. In this article, we will be looking at the University of Georgia scholarships for international students.

International Students at the University of Georgia

The international students at the University of Georgia experience a wide range of support from the university. Currently, there are more than 2,600 international students at the university, and they take their studies on a diverse campus that allows them to explore the university as a whole.

The International Student Life or ISL is a department in the university that focuses on supporting international students. They aim to assist these students in adapting to their new campus life, engagement, and other activities designed to explore different cultures found inside the university. Specifically, the ISL aids these international students in their housing, shopping, and currency. Social and language support like mental health, English classes, and financial aids are also provided.

They create programs and activities for international students to boost their engagement in the new community they have. Through these programs, they meet new people, experience a new life in Georgia, and meet different cultures. As they join these ISL activities, they feel more comfortable taking their chosen programs in another country.

Tuition Fee at the University of Georgia for International Students

The tuition fee at the University of Georgia for the international students in undergraduate programs costs around USD $30,000 annually. Depending on your chosen program and educational level, your tuition fees may vary, and please keep in mind that tuition fees for international students are a little bit higher compared to the local tuition fees.

On the other hand, the graduate program’s annual tuition fee may cost around USD $25,000. Again, these tuition fees can change based on your department and year level, and you can also compute the estimated total of your tuition and other expenses by using the university’s cost calculator.

International Admissions Guide at the University of Georgia

The International Student Life or ISL is responsible for the admission of the incoming international students. As you enter the university, this department has an international student orientation, and it will require you to take Advising 101. The primary goal of Advising 101 is to discuss the relevant opportunities, requirements, or other issues you need to know, and this is a mandatory activity for the new international students.

As for the graduate school’s future international students, they can request an orientation by contacting the ISL. This orientation is solely made for the new international students, and it covers topics like immigration concerns, taxes, the adjustment in America, and many more.

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University of Georgia Application Fee

The application fee for international undergraduate studies is 85 US dollars. On the other hand, the application fee for international applicants for graduate programs is 100 US dollars.

University of Georgia Admissions Requirements for International Students

International students looking to study at the University of Georgia have to meet the eligibility requirements before applying to any undergraduate program. Undergraduate international students should present the official academic transcripts from their previous high school, secondary school report, and a recommendation letter. They should submit their Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or American College Test (ACT) scores. Lastly, an F-1 student visa will be required.

International applicants for graduate studies must pass their country-specific requirements, including their undergraduate academic transcripts, proof of degree, etc. Additionally, there is an English language requirement. Applicants need to pass their International English Language Test (IELTS) or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Their IELTS should be 6.5, and in TOEFL, it should be an overall score of 60. If non – English speakers did not make it, the university offers the UGA Intensive English Program. It focuses primarily on improving your English language skills. Lastly, they should also provide proof of finances and visa documentation during the application.

These requirements will be checked and evaluated by the university’s graduate admission office, which means that you may send your applications through their website.

University of Georgia Rankings

The University of Georgia belongs to the outstanding universities in America and internationally. In 2021, the university was top 3 among the state’s best public universities. It also landed in the 47th spot as one of the best national universities in America. Internationally speaking, the university was also included in the best global universities according to the US and world report rankings. The 2021 QS Global Rankings had this university in the top 342.

The National Science Foundation Higher Education Research and Development ranked the University of Georgia as the top 47th. This ranking shows that their researches inside the university are significant and contributes to the nation’s improvement. Overall, these rankings signify their academic reputation as they strengthen their education.

University of Georgia Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at the University of Georgia is 46%. This percentage shows that there is fair competition upon entering the university. Make sure to comply and submit the requirements asked by the university.

University of Georgia Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Classic Scholarship

This University of Georgia scholarship is one of the academic scholarships that are offered to international students. Since this is a grade-based scholarship, students must have complete enrollment with a  Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0.

2. Foundation Fellowship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Annual Stipend of $22,900, Presidential Waiver, Fully-Funded Study Abroad Programs, Travel Grants, Research & Academic Conference Grants, Special Seminars, Faculty Mentoring, Retreats

To apply for this scholarship, the applicant should have solid academic records. The minimum GPA to qualify for this scholarship is 3.9. If you’re planning to apply for this scholarship, you should show a strong leadership history in extra-curricular activities.

There are more University of Georgia scholarships offered for international students. These scholarships can be based on your academics, financial status, or other extra-curricular activities at the university. You can check the other scholarships here.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Presidential Graduate Fellow Award

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: $10,000 Annual Stipend, Mandatory Fee Waiver, Travel Grants

The goal of the Presidential Graduate Fellow Award is to recruit outstanding students qualified for the university’s doctorate program. Applicants aiming for this scholarship at the University of Georgia must have an excellent academic reputation, as it is a competitive award among graduate students.

2. Graduate School Doctoral Fellow Award

The Graduate School Doctoral Fellow Award is open for all courses in the university. To qualify for this graduate University of Georgia scholarship, the applicant should have strong research skills. Students planning to apply for this scholarship should reach a specific number of units, and they should have a strong engagement in the research field.

There are other University of Georgia scholarships available for international graduate students, and they can be merit-based or department-based. These can include teaching assistantships, research assistantships, scholarships, fellowships, and funding. You can find these scholarships on their official website.


I hope that this article on University of Georgia scholarships for international students was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.