As the fifth oldest university in the entire United Kingdom, the University of Aberdeen was originally founded as King’s College in 1495 by William Elphinstone, the Bishop of Aberdeen and Chancellor of Scotland. The medieval college eventually united with its crosstown rival, Marischal College, in 1860 to create the modern University of Aberdeen. The dedication to sciences, humanities, and medical services, and above all, quality education and research, has led to a continued legacy for over six centuries. International students wishing to study at this excellent institution can receive University of Aberdeen Scholarships.

The student population of approximately 14,500 individuals has grown significantly from the original 36 students and staff at King’s College. Fewer than 10,000 of these students are undergraduates, with the opportunity to take courses in 12 distinct schools and a wide array of disciplines. For example, there are almost 400 undergraduate degree programs and 191 graduate study programs offered in addition to several prestigious postgraduate research opportunities at the University of Aberdeen. As the perfect backdrop for premiere learning, the City of Aberdeen was rated by Complete Universe Guide as the “safest university city” in Scotland.

The University is split into major two campuses: Old Aberdeen and Foresterhill. Old Aberdeen contains many buildings from the historic campus and King’s College, preserving the medieval tradition of the school while currently home to the Arts, Social Sciences, and Physical Sciences. This also includes a recent £57m investment to create the Sir Duncan Rice Library in 2012.

The more modern and nearby Foresterhill Campus houses the medical and health services programs, including the School of Dentistry. Other facilities include the University’s own subaquatic research facility, the Oceanlab, in addition to the former Marischal College which is now leased to the Aberdeen City Council.

With an endowment of approximately £48.5m, this institution is able to provide numerous University of Aberdeen scholarships are offered in separate categories and levels of study for Scottish/EU students, other UK students, as well as international students. £61.0m of the £222.5m 2017 year income received was from research grants and contracts, offset by a yearly expenditure of £229m.

Five Nobel Laureates are associated with the University of Aberdeen. James Clerk Maxwell, the renowned scientist who studied electromagnetic fields and greatly advanced the field of physics, was once Chair of the Natural Sciences. The University of Aberdeen even has its own planet, 5677 Aberdonia, named after the school during its 500th anniversary.

University of Aberdeen Scholarships

There are numerous scholarships that are being awarded to international students studying at the University of Aberdeen. For more information, visit the scholarships page. This page lists all the scholarship awards, eligibility criteria, and degree programs for each scholarship.

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University of Aberdeen Admissions

On the International Admissions Page, there is much admission information available for international students. Useful information includes country-specific information, finance and funding, English language requirements, and visa information. Take a look at the eligibility criteria for your desired program of study. If you do qualify, then you should start thinking about applying!


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