Known for its astounding research capabilities, the University of Auckland is the highest-ranked university in the country of New Zealand. Due to its popularity, many international students want to study in the academic programs offered by Auckland; however, the cost of attending Auckland is considerably high for an incoming freshman. To reduce the financial burdens of incoming international applicants, the University of Auckland provides scholarship opportunities for every level of higher education. Since scholarships for doctoral programs are most rewarding, I have created a video only for a doctoral scholarship, and if you need to finish a bachelor’s or a master’s degree beforehand, there are also scholarships for you guys as well. 

Types of Scholarships Offered by Auckland

If you are looking for something else than a Ph.D. program, you can continue scrolling down this post for undergraduate scholarships and additional graduate scholarships. Since there are many scholarships offered by Auckland, I’m going to provide a short description for each before providing the link. Because I have already provided information regarding doctoral scholarships, I will be only covering the scholarships for bachelor’s and master’s degree in the section down below. Also, please keep in mind that Auckland takes academic achievements really seriously, so if you really want to apply for this program, be sure to keep your academic grades high and try to participate in extracurricular activities as much as you can. 

1. Scholarships for Undergraduates (Bachelor’s Degree)

As you are about to leave high-school, you might be wondering what you are going to do after graduation; and for most, you are about to be an adult that needs to make your own choice, which means you are financially responsible as well. For applicants with financial needs, University of Auckland provides many merit-based scholarships, so be sure to apply in the link down below. Before I end with the scholarship link, the undergraduate scholarship is a huge section that contains many smaller categories of scholarships. Please search out each scholarship very carefully since you might be able to high-value scholarships in your category.

To Apply for Undergraduate Scholarships, Click Here.

2. Scholarships for PostGraduates

The postgraduate scholarship covers academic programs for masters and sub-masters. Due to its high educational level, many graduates receive a huge amount of financial aid to cover their cost of study. Sometimes, they receive money instead of paying money because of their scholarship and their participation in work-study programs. On certain institutions, the scenario of receiving money during your academic career only applies to doctoral programs, which means you have to pay for your master’s degree in the first place. Make sure to double-check your eligibility requirements since full-ride scholarships might not be available to prospective students applying for a master’s degree. 

To Apply for Graduate Scholarships, Click Here.

3. University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship 

This scholarship is offered to international students with good academic standing. Tuition fee discounts of up to $10,000 are awarded to chosen scholars who are about to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. There are two selection rounds for this every year, and a separate application must be submitted to the Scholarships Office to be considered.

To Apply for this Scholarship, Click Here.

To Look at Every Types of Scholarships, Click Here.

Applying for Auckland’s Admissions

The application process for bachelor’s and master’s degrees is very similar while the application process for doctoral programs is different in one small aspect. To begin the admissions process for a bachelor’s degree, you have to first select your program of interest, which is your major; and then, you have to meet the eligibility requirements of your program. Before I send you off to Auckland Admissions, keep in mind that application deadlines are an important factor in your application. Make note of your opening and closing dates, and be sure to apply in a timely fashion. Since the application process for a bachelor’s degree is very similar to the application process for a master’s degree, I have included both application links down below. 

To Apply for Undergraduate Admissions, Click Here

To Apply for Postgraduate Admissions (Master’s), Click Here

Last but not least, University of Auckland has provided a detailed step-by-step guide for international students who are interested in applying for a doctoral program. Instead of choosing your program of interest, you have to choose an area of research since doctoral candidates have to turn in a thesis at the end of their academic program in order to graduate with a doctoral degree. Interestingly, you can apply for a doctoral program at any time since most doctoral programs offered in Auckland are not restrained by application deadlines. Since most doctoral programs don’t have an application deadline, some programs do, so be sure to check your area of research if it has an application deadline or not. 

To Apply for Doctoral Programs, Click Here

Due to a high number of international students applying for Auckland, University of Auckland’s Scholarships are very competitive since many international students are in financial need. To get your dream scholarship, it is important that you have academic merit in order to qualify as a candidate. If you don’t stand out among other scholarship applicants, there is no good reason why the scholarship committee would choose you as the scholarship recipient. Be sure to make your application unique instead of going with the crowd. Work harder than your classmates to get the best results, and keep on striving for mastery beyond that as well. Never give up, and always be consistent!


I hope that this article on University of Auckland Scholarships was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.