The University of Colorado Colorado Springs, or UCCS, is part of the University of Colorado. It was established in 1965 and has since grown to become one of the most admirable institutions in the United States. This public research institution is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Its history dates back to 1902 when the current Main Hall was constructed as Cragmor Sanatorium. The committee responsible for the expansion of Colorado University was formed in 1961 and in the same year, it was decided that a new campus would be constructed in Colorado Springs. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at UCCS.

The most recent enrolment at the university saw over 12,000  undergraduates and 2,000 graduates join UCCS. More than 87% of these students hail from within the state of Colorado. The rest are admitted from other U.S. states various countries across the world. Distance learning is supported at the university, and 24% of the population is already taking advantage of these dynamic programs. Despite its admission policy, the school still has one of the highest ethnic diversities in the country. The number of available lecturers is 761, which means one staff member handles 17 students. Only half of these teachers are full-time employees at the university, which could be one of the negative impacts on the school’s on-time graduation. With a graduation rate of 25%, there is a huge probability that you might not graduate within the expected period.

According to Collee Factual, UCCS is the 89th best university among over 700 colleges in the United States. Compared to other Colorado colleges, UCCS comes 9th best in terms of education and research quality. Geography & Cartography is the best-ranked among 31 different undergraduate programs. These courses are distributed across nineteen extensive fields of study. This university is undoubtedly one of the best in the whole world based on what it offers and the overall results in all sectors. If you are interested in being part of the UCCS community, you might find the admission requirements listed below quite helpful.

UCCS’s Acceptance Rate

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs has one of the highest acceptance rates in the United States. With an acceptance rate of 93%, admission to UCCS is not as competitive as other established universities. You will only need to meet the threshold requirements set by the university and follow all the instructions on its website. First, before submitting your documents, an application fee of $50 must be paid to facilitate the process.

Apart from this, the university requires that you submit either your ACT or SAT scores together with high school results slip. Based on recent statistics, you will need a GPA of about 3.3, which translates to a mean grade of B+. 16% of previous applicants chose to submit their SAT while the rest handed in their ACT. The acceptable range of the two is 1120-1310 and 21-26, respectively. It is also a good practice to attach a recommendation later from your teacher to increase your chances.


I hope that this article on the acceptance rate at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs was helpful. To find out more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.