The University of Florida (UF),  a public research university, was established in 1853. This University is a member of the State University System of Florida as well as the Association of American Universities (AAU). It is a Research University of Very High Research category. According to the QS world ranking, the University of Florida stands at 167th position worldwide. In this article, we will be looking at the University of Florida Scholarships.

More than 16 academic colleges and 150 research centers and institutions are a part of the University of Florida. A number of professional undergraduate programs are offered by the university such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, law, and business administration. It also offers 123 master’s degree programs as well as 76 doctoral programs in eighty-seven different schools and departments. The university is home to more than 6000 students from various countries of the world. The university not only provides the international students an opportunity to learn from the best faculty in the US but also provides various scholarships and financial aids so that they can meet their expenses during their stay at the university.

University of Florida Scholarships (Undergraduate)

1. Entering Freshman Awards

Entering international students are eligible for out-of-state scholarships. These scholarships range in value between $8,000 – $20,000 a year.

2. Alec Courtelis Award

This program was started by Louise Courtelis in 1996. She established this award in the honor of her late husband, Alec Courtelies, who was a former financier
Students are selected for this award by their colleges and departments based on their academic performance and contributions to the university community. 

3. Diane Fisher Award

In this program, two scholarships are given to international undergraduate students for their brilliant services in the university. This award was established in the honor of Diane Fisher.

4. UFIC International Student Emergency Hardship Scholarship

This scholarship award at the University of Florida is targeted towards international students who are going through financial difficulties and are unable to pay their tuition fees. UFIC never wants to leave its students alone who are in some financial crisis. Students are provided a considerable amount to meet their expenses in this program. However, they must provide a financial document to prove their need.

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University of Florida Scholarships (Graduate)

1. Marilyn Little Scholarship

Graduate-level students are also awarded the Marylin Little Scholarship by the International Committee of Altrusa. The scholarship is purely merit-based and is offered only once per year.


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