The University of Georgia was established on the 27th of January 1785 in Athens, Georgia. It is popularly referred to as UGA among students. UGA holds the record of being the first tertiary institution to acquire a state charter in the USA. In this article, we will be looking at the UGA acceptance rate.

UGA offers a variety of courses for undergraduate and graduate degrees. The disciplines in the school are categorized into 17 faculties offering over 160 courses to students both locally and abroad. Franklin College of Arts and Sciences was the first college to be established in the school in 1801 on the commencement of its first academic session after its establishment 16 years earlier.

Two other faculties, namely, the School of Law and the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, were established at UGA in 1859. Since then, the school has grown in reputation and academic output, as it has been compared to Harvard and Columbia. The most recent faculty established at UGA is the College of Engineering launched in 2012.

According to the U.S. News & World Report of 2019, in the USA, UGA sits in 46th position among the Top National Universities ranking and 13th position among the public schools. The school has also been labeled as a Public Ivy school alongside institutions such as the University of Florida, the University of Maryland, and a host of others. If you want to join this public Ivy, you should know the acceptance rate at the University of Georgia.

In terms of student life, there are a lot of associations, charity clubs, fraternities, sororities, sports teams, etc. There are a lot of hostels inside the UGA campus, and this can be attributed to the cast area of land the school occupies. The East Campus Village, Hill, Brumby, Reed, Creswell Russell, and Myers are names of the hostels in UGA. UGA sports facility; Stegeman Coliseum, served as host venue during the Olympics games hosted by the US in 1996 tagged Atlanta 96.

The Acceptance Rate at the University of Georgia

The competition for admission into UGA is keenly contested as the institution admits students based on several criteria such as grades from high school with a particular focus on the depth of study in high school, extracurricular activities of applicants, results of students in standardized tests and a host of other factors.

UGA also places special emphasis on the personal statements of students applying to the school. Last year, approximately 26,000 freshmen applied to UGA and about 13,000 were offered given admission. This means that the acceptance rate at the University of Gerogia is around 48%. Therefore, one can infer from this statement that the acceptance rate at UGA is relatively average.

Out of the 48%, offered admission, a total of 5,750 enrolled, which is roughly 45% of those that were accepted. A large portion of the freshmen offered admission at UGA finished top of their respective classes/schools. It has been estimated that the average standard test result for first-year students offered admission stood at 1,400 out of 1600 in SAT. UGA has been categorized among the highly selective and more selective schools in the USA as regards admission. It is worthy to point at this stage that the school fee for residents of Georgia is relatively low compared to students from other states.


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