The University of Houston (also known as UH) is the landmark institute of higher education in Houston, Texas. It is a public research university that was founded as Houston Junior College in 1927. The junior college attained the status of university in 1933-1934.  As of today, the University of Houston has 14 on-campus academic colleges and more than 40 research centers and institutes. The university offers more than 100 undergraduate programs, 104 graduate programs, and around 50 doctoral-level degree programs. Every year, UH awards almost 9000 degrees to its students. Being ranked as a university with Highest Research Activity, it offers equal educational and research activities to its students coming from all over the world. In this article, we will be looking at the University of Houston Scholarships.

The University of Houston offers a very recreational campus life to its students by hosting various theatrical performances, concerts, and events. With more than 400 registered student organizations, a student can always find a place for himself to gain invaluable experience and learn transferable skills from his fellow students. These organizations prepare the students to lead the world when they come into professional life. With around 17 intercollegiate sports teams, the University of Houston also attracts students who have a passion for their favorite sport.

International students, especially from Asia make a major share of total students at the University of Houston. The UH provides a number of scholarships and financial aids to international undergraduate and graduate students to meet their expenses during their stay at the university.

University of Houston Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Josephine De Kármán Fellowship Trust

The Josephine De Kármán Fellowship Trust offers scholarships to foreign undergraduate students at the University of Houston. 10 fellowships are provided to undergraduate students every academic year. Students are selected on the basis of their academic performance while their stay at the university. The students with a scholastic approach are preferred in this program. The selected undergraduate students are given an annual stipend of $8,000.


2. Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund

This fund provides 25 to 30 scholarships to the international undergraduate students at the University of Houston. This scholarship has been given to UH students since 1961. The students who are very active in campus activities are preferred. The selected students are given an annual scholarship of $8,000 in this program.


3. Departmental Scholarships

The international undergraduate students enrolled in one of the programs at the University of Houston are also given departmental scholarships by different departments of the university. The amount of each scholarship is different and depends on the department. Students can get further information about these scholarships by consulting their concerned departments.


4. Jack and D’Ann Burke International Scholarship

It is a merit-based scholarship at the University of Houston available for all students regardless of their citizenship status. The scholarship is provided to a limited number of students on the basis of their academic performance at UH. The scholarship is also renewable for the next four years provided that the student meets the eligibility criteria every year.


5. The Samuel Huntington Public Service Award

This award is provided to one graduating senior every year who has the strong will to join public service in the US or anywhere else in the world. The selected student is provided an award of $10,000. The selected student is required to complete one-year of public service before joining the graduate school or starting his career. There is no restriction of citizenship for this award. The only requirement is to submit a public service proposal. Only graduating seniors are eligible to apply for the award.

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University of Houston Graduate Scholarships

1. Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

In this program, 75 University of Houston scholarships are provided to graduate students every year by Jack Kent Cooke. A total of $50,000 are available for the entire program every year. The students must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 to be considered eligible for this scholarship. Students with exceptional leadership qualities are preferred.


2. Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program

The Ford Foundation provides fellowship to international students from more than 22 countries in the world to help them get higher education without any financial problem. The fellowships are provided to graduate students with exceptional academic performance and great leadership skills. More information about this fellowship program and the list of the partner countries can be found on the official website of the Ford Foundation.


3. Echoing Green Fellowship Program

Two types of fellowships at the University of Houston are provided to the graduate students in this program:

  1. Two years individual fellowship: A stipend of $30,000 is provided each year.
  2. Two years partnership fellowship: A stipend of $45,000 is provided to the students each year.

These fellowships are provided to the genius graduates who have a record of solving problems and inventing new things for the service of humanity.


4. Josephine De Kármán Fellowship Trust

The Josephine De Kármán Fellowship Trust also provides scholarships to graduate students at the University of Houston. The graduate students are also selected on the basis of academic performance and their interest in research. The selected graduate students are given an annual stipend of $16,000. The students with humanities as a major are given preference in this program.


5. Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is also available for graduate students at the University of Houston. Students with any citizenship status are welcome to apply. The selected graduate students get an annual award of $8,000 from the fund.


 6. Graduate Assistantship Program

The University of Houston also provides the opportunity of serving as a graduate assistant to its international graduate students. The graduate assistants at the UH are given monthly stipends ranging from $600 to $2,500 in one year. The graduate assistants may be required to work full time along with completing their graduate degrees. The graduate assistants are appointed by the individual colleges. The duties and working hours of every graduate assistant are different depending upon the college or department in which they work.


I hope that this article on the University of Houston scholarships was helpful. If you are interested in studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students!