With its campus banked along the Iowa River, the University of Iowa is one of the oldest public institutions in the state. Founded in 1847 as the State University of Iowa, it was named the University of Iowa in 1964. As a space-grant institution, the University of Iowa is the first university in the United States to accept both men and women on equal terms in the institutions. In 1970, it was the first university in the United States to extend its support towards the LGBTQ community. In this article, we will be discussing the acceptance rate at the University of Iowa.

Its main campus in Iowa City has over 32,000 students and 500 student organizations, fraternities, and sororities. Among its 200 degree programs, the University of Iowa is popular for its degrees in medicine, law, and fine arts. Tuition fees range from $7,000 to $29,000, with annual expenses expected at around $44,000 according to Forbes.

Its campus features a Greek Revival, Beaux-Arts, and Collegiate Gothic architectural theme in its facilities. The Old Capitol, which used to serve as the original capitol building, is centered in the university. Along with the surrounding Schaeffer Hall, Jessup Hall, Macbride Hall, and MacLean Hall, which are buildings named in honor of former presidents of the university, the five-building complex makes up The Pentacrest.

The school operates the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History, which features a large collection of animals as well as Native American memorabilia; and the University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Arts which boasts over 15,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, and other art collections

The University of Iowa is one of the first universities to host and broadcast an educational program, which first aired in 1932. It also founded the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, a renowned writing program in the country. It is also the first institution to offer a Masters’ degree in Fine Arts, which opened in 1922.

Women in the University of Iowa have certainly proven their contributions to the academic world, as the first bachelor’s thesis was written by Mary F. Linder while the first master’s thesis was written by Rose Ankeny Edgar.

According to the US News and World Report, the University of Iowa is ranked as the 38th Best Public University. It is also recognized by Reuters as one of the 100 Most Innovative Universities in the United States. The Poets and Writers Magazine also recognizes the University of Iowa as the #1 creative writing program in the United States. If attending this university sounds good to you, you certainly can because the acceptance rate at the University of Iowa is 85%!

One of its popular activities is the Iowa Dance Marathon, which is a fund-raising activity that started in 1994. It aims to support pediatric cancer research and has raised over $27 million since it started 25 years ago.

Actor and producer Ashton Kutcher, actor-screenwriter Gene Wilder, playwright Tennessee Williams, actress Jean Seberg, and novelist Michael Cunningham have attended the University of Iowa.

The Iowa Hawkeyes and its 24 varsity teams participate in the NCAA Division I Big Ten Conference. The Hawkeyes have bagged over 34 Big Ten championships and 23 National championships in wrestling. Hardy the Hawk, which has served as the mascot since 1959, is inspired by the Sauk leader Chief Black Hawk.

Acceptance Rate at the University of Iowa

The acceptance rate in the University of Iowa is rated at 85% according to Forbes. This is a very high acceptance rate for any university or college. With this acceptance rate, you probably just need to get a 2.0 or higher GPA and mediocre test scores. However, if you want to get scholarships, I highly suggest studying during high school!


I hope that this article on the University of Iowa acceptance rate was helpful. To learn more about studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.