Do you want to know the acceptance rate at the University of Leeds? If so, you have come to the right article. However, before we dive in, let’s talk about the background information.

The University of Leeds is a public, research-intensive university located in Leeds, West Yorkshire in England. In addition to being a prominent redbrick institution in Northern England, the university is also part of the prestigious Russell Group of universities that are committed to research. The university’s origins can be traced back to the early 19th Century when it was established as the Yorkshire College of Science and underwent numerous mergers and status changes till it was given university status via a royal charter in 1903.

The University is built on a sprawling campus ground approximately 1-mile north of Leeds city center. Known for its very diverse architectural features, it is one of the most aesthetically varied universities in England. Notable buildings on the campus include the Maurice Keyworth building (home to the Leeds Business School) and the Parkinson building.

Leeds is academically divided into different faculties, schools, and institutes. The 8 main faculties include Business, Engineering, Arts and Humanities, Medicine, and Physical Sciences. Collectively, the university offers over 500 first-degree programs for undergraduate students and around 300 programs for postgraduates. Leeds is particularly known for developing expertise in rare areas such as nanotechnology, Color Chemistry, and Fire Science. Furthermore, the School of Medicine is particularly renowned for being one of the largest medical schools in continental Europe with over 1200 students and enough staff.

The university is considered to be the 5th among universities that receive the most amount of applications from prospective students. Currently, over 33,000 students are enrolled with 24,000 undergraduates and around 9000 graduate students. The Students’ Union is affiliated with the National Union of Students and is the main governing body of student affairs and organizations/societies. Despite the high number of applications, the acceptance rate at the University of Leeds is pretty high.

The student community has access to numerous professional facilities for the benefit of their studies. The official library is spread across 5 main locations while holding a total volume of nearly 3 million books, journals, and research materials, which makes it one of the largest research libraries in the UK. Students also have 24-hour access to over 9000 computers across the campus buildings with around 250 cutting-edge supercomputers.

With its status as a Russell Group university, Leeds ensures it is committed to its research intensity and training. Several departments run their own world-class research institutes with international collaborations to enhance their research strength. The St. James University Hospital affiliated with the School of Medicine has several research laboratories committed towards research in food engineering, biomedical sciences, and healthcare as well as individual departments such as the Institute of Molecular Medicine.

With over a century of running as an elite institute of higher education, the University of Leeds has produced numerous graduates who have reached high positions in their respective fields. A number of Nobel laureates have studied/worked in the university such as Sir William Henry Bragg (Physics), George Porter (Chemistry), and Wole Soyinka (Chemistry). Other famous alumni include band members of Bastille, Corrine Bailey Rae (singer), Sir Ken Robinson (International Author), Richard Quest (BBC journalist), Piers Sellers (British-American astronaut), and Jack Straw (UK Cabinet minister).

University of Leeds Acceptance Rate

I hope that you learned a great deal about the University of Leeds. Now, do you want to attend this excellent university? If you do, you want to know about the acceptance rates. It is estimated that the University of Leeds’s acceptance rate is 77%. This sounds like a lot, right? So, if you want to attend this university, you will be able to as long as you have decent grades and test scores. Despite the high acceptance rate, the standard of education is very high, which you’ve seen in the previous sections. So, if you want to attend, you definitely should apply!


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