Coined by Charles Dickens as the People’s University, the University of London has been educating students in its 200 years of history regardless of gender, religion, or race. The institution was the first to accept female students globally and the first to offer long-distance learning. Students from around the world can study at a university in London without actually attending the campus.

The University of London is comprised of 17 member institutions like the Courtauld Institute of Art, King’s College of London, London Business School, Royal Academy of Music, and more. These member institutions provide almost 3,700 different courses to 120,000 students per year. With exclusivity at its core, international students will find an exceptional and comfortable educational experience at the University of London. In this article, we will be looking at the University of London scholarships for international students.

International Students at the University of London

International students make up a large portion of the student body in the University of London, with around 50,000 international students per year from 190 countries globally. International students can choose from the 17 member institutions of the university with campuses all over London and Paris. Check out the check-list in this article available on the university website to aid in your application.

Tuition Fee at the University of London for International Students

There is no specific tuition fee that will encompass all the programs at the University of London as it varies depending on the course the students will be taking. It cost the same whether you are a domestic or an international student. The business-related undergraduate programs, for example, can cost around £2,000 per annum, while Bachelor’s in Computer Science tuition fees amount to £1,000. You can find the complete list of expenses from different courses here.

Graduate programs also differ from one faculty to the next. For instance, a graduate program in Law has an annual fee of £9,579, and an MBA costs £10,605. The tuition fee for both Bachelor’s and Master’s and Ph.D. courses is also in the same article already mentioned above. Note that tuition fees in the University of London increase at 5% per year.

International Admissions Guide at University of London

The first step for applying to both undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of London is online, where applicants will have to create an account in the student’s portal. Inside the portal, you will have to complete an application form and pay the application fee if there’s any. You can also upload scanned copies of any necessary documents using the portal.

Although there are exceptional cases in which the application should be made in local teaching centers, especially to CertHE qualifications or the International Foundation Programme, the teaching center would be the one to apply you to the University of London. Afterward, all you can do is wait to acknowledge your application which usually arrives within 24 hours.

Also, keep in mind that each member institution has the sovereignty to pass their programs and construct their admission criteria. So you must check the website of the member institution of your choice.

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Application Fee at University of London

The application fee also varies per program in the University of London, some are higher than others, and some programs do not even have application fees. Although it generally cost around £107 and is non-refundable.

Admissions Requirements at the University of London for International Students

Applicants can submit their requirements are online during the application process or after it through email. Before you apply to an undergraduate program, make sure that you have the following documents:

  • Scanned copy of birth certificate/valid ID/passport
  • Secondary education completion diploma
  • English language proficiency certification
  • A curriculum vitae

The documents needed to apply for graduate programs are similar to the undergraduate programs except that it requires a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and a reference letter from your previous school or employment. If you have complete your undergraduate study for a very long time, you might need to prepare at least two reference letters.

University of London Rankings

The University of London is part of the top 150 educational institutions globally by QS World University ranking. Each of its 17 member institutions has different rankings on the Times Higher Education. For instance, Queen Mary, University of London is placed on the top 110 of times higher education, St George’s, University of London is at the 200th position, Royal Holloway at 300th, Birkbeck, the University of London at 351st, and more. Nevertheless, all member institutions and the University of London are world-class leaders in education and research.

University of London Acceptance Rate

As much as the university wants to accept every student that applies, their facility and human resources will not cater to its capacity. Since there are thousands of applicants per year, they have to filter only those deserving of the university education. The estimated acceptance rate at the University of London is 33%.

University of London Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Váradi scholarships

Váradi scholarship is one of the few scholarships in the University of London available to students from any country. The scholarship is relatively new and was made possible to the significant donation of József Váradi, the CEO and co-founder of Wizz Air. From József donation, the University of London expects to help 100 students for the next ten years. The scholarship covers the grantee’s full tuition excluded from other miscellaneous and livings costs such as teaching center fees, library and computer fees.

Although there are few University of London scholarships for international undergraduate students, they offer many bursaries that might interest you. Check the complete list of bursaries and other financial aids here.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Commonwealth Scholarships

If you aim for health-related courses at the University of London, you might be interested in getting a Commonwealth Scholarship. International students from commonwealth countries are welcome to apply, including Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ghana, Guyana, India, Kenya, Kiribati, and more. The application is conducted online after you have received your offer to study. You will be able to hear the results from July onwards. Aside from the financial aid, this University of London scholarship for international students also provides a pathway for employment opportunities after graduation.

2. World Academy of Sport Scholarships

Students who will be taking the Postgraduate Certificate International Sports Management are eligible for the World Academy of Sports Scholarships. The scholarship at the University of London does not discriminate, and all University of London students can apply as long as they have a Bachelor’s degree and proficiency in the English language (TOEFL, IELTS, etc. ). If you are interested, don’t hesitate and apply for the scholarship on their WaOs website.

There is more scholarship available for post-graduate students in the University in London than in the undergraduate program. To check which suits your financial goals, check out the complete list of available scholarships here.


I hope this article helped you learn more about the University of London scholarships and the financial aid they can provide to outstanding students like you. So grab all your documents and courage, and go ahead and apply if you feel like the University of London is the perfect fit for your educational and financial needs. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the United Kingdom Programs for International Students.