The University of Minnesota was established in 1851. It is a public research university located in the twin cities of Minnesota, Minneapolis, and Saint Paul. This university has the sixth-largest student strength as compared to other universities in the US. According to the stat of 2018-19, around 60,000 students enrolled in different programs at the university. About 19 colleges and schools are part of the university. The sister campuses are present in Crookston, Duluth, Morris, and Rochester. In this article, we will be looking at the University of Minnesota scholarships.

The University of Minnesota is included in the list of America’s Public Ivy universities. According to the QS global world ranking, the university is ranked 156th worldwide. The university has the highest research activity and is ranked R1. It is also a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU). Among the US universities, the university is in the 14th position in the category of research universities.

The University of Minnesota is one of the top choices for international students. The University of Minnesota now offers scholarships to international students, providing them an opportunity to get their higher education from the top-ranked research university in the US. These scholarships are based on both merit and financial need.

University of Minnesota Scholarships (Undergraduate Scholarships)

Three scholarships are available for international students.


1. Global Excellence Scholarships

This program provides a lump sum amount to all the international students who get admission to the university. Not only freshmen but transfer students are also eligible to apply. Freshmen can get an annual stipend ranging from $25,000 to $10,000 under this program. International transfer students can also get an annual stipend of $10,000.

The award for this scholarship from the University of Minnesota is based on merit. Only those students are considered eligible for this program who have a great academic record and give excellent performance while their stay at the university.


How to Apply:

After you get admitted to the university, you are automatically considered for this scholarship. Students do not need to submit another application for the scholarship after admission.


2. Undergraduate Research Scholarship

Are you a good learner and want to do inventions? The University of Minnesota not only provides you the opportunities for research but also makes sure you are getting paid so that you can bear your expenses at the university.

New international students who get admission to the university are also eligible to apply for an undergraduate research scholarship at the University of Minnesota. In this program, students receive a stipend of $1,400 for participation in research. The research is mostly sponsored by the faculty of the university. Students also receive an additional amount of $300 to cover the expenses of supplies used in the research project. Students are able to participate in various research projects by the courtesy of the Undergraduate Research Scholarship Program.


How to Apply:

You can apply for this scholarship after getting admission to the university. University invites applications from the students when such a research project is launched.


3. You are Welcome Here Scholarship

Are you looking for someone to welcome you to the University of Minnesota? The university will welcome you with a considerable amount under the ‘You are Welcome Here’ Scholarship. Only freshmen who get admission to the university are considered to be eligible for this scholarship. International transfer students are not able to benefit from this program. In this program, the university will award two annual scholarships to international students. These will cover a total cost of about $15,000. This scholarship can also be applied to the tuition fee while submitting your application form.


How to Apply:

You can choose to apply for this scholarship while submitting your application for admission.


4. International students and scholar services (ISSS) Need-Based Scholarship

ISSS Need-based Scholarship is for the deserving and needy international students. Various University of Minnesota scholarships are available in this program based on criteria such as financial aid, academic performance, and educational excellence. Candidates qualify to receive an award only if they demonstrate a financial need that can be covered by the available scholarship funding. Usually, this stipend ranges from $1,000 to $5,000.


How to Apply:

Students can apply for ISSS Need-based Scholarship after getting admission to the university. Further information is available at the website of international student and scholar services.

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The University of Minnesota Scholarships (Graduate Scholarships)

1. International Student Work Opportunity Program (ISWOP)

This program provides an opportunity for international graduate students who have financial needs and cannot get a job as an assistant in a department. Only those students who are considered eligible are not able to get a job without financial aid. The ISSS will provide a half salary to the students. The other half of the salary will be provided by the concerned department. If a student gets this award, he may not be eligible to receive other awards by the ISSS.


How to apply:

Graduate students can apply for this program by completing the form of ISWOP and submitting it with the required documents. You can find all the necessary information in this link right here.


2. Colonial Dames of America Scholarship

This University of Minnesota scholarship is available only for international graduate students who are willing to return to their home country after graduating from the University of Minnesota. This scholarship provides $7,000 that can be applied to tuition, student fees, and more. Those students who have financial needs are preferred for this scholarship. The graduate students who are towards the end of their degree are also preferred. After qualification for this award, the students are asked to do community service for the ISSS such as attending conferences, making presentations, etc.


How to apply:

Students can apply for this scholarship by filling the form and submitting it available at the website of International student and scholar services (ISSS).


I hope that this article on the University of Minnesota Scholarships was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.