Are you looking for a big university that caters to a large number of students with diverse interests and expertise? If yes, Ole Miss should be on your list. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at the University of Mississippi.

This university is a well-known public university located in its namesake – Mississippi. Since its establishment in 1848, this university has produced a lot of leaders and scholars who dedicated themselves to guiding others to become successful. Eventually, a lot of today’s popular figures and personalities have their roots back to the University of Mississippi, or as they call it – Ole Miss.

The University of Mississippi is recognized as one of the country’s elite research universities or the elite group of R-1. Also, being Mississippi’s largest university, this university is also one of the nations’ fastest-growing universities.

Here, simultaneous with your academic life, this institution also encourages you to partake in its lively campus life – from cheering on the Rebels in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium to offering charity works at the Ole Miss Food Bank. Indeed, both social and service opportunities in Ole’ Miss will enrich the students’ experience. Because of the acceptance rate at the University of Mississippi is 84%, you have a great chance of getting accepted!

On February 24, 1844, the Mississippi Legislature chartered the University of Mississippi. Four years later, the university welcomed its first 80 students. This university was Mississippi’s only public institution of higher learning for more than two decades and the state’s only comprehensive university for more than a century.

Historically, in 1854, the University of Mississippi is the fourth public university to open a law school in the United States; in 1854, the first to offer engineering education; in 1882, the first in the South to open its doors to teach women; and in 1885, to hire a woman as a member of the faculty. Indeed, this advancement shows how progressive and open to changes Ole Miss is.

Today, from its pioneering class of 80 students, the University of Mississippi has transformed and now has 15 academic divisions that cater to more than 23,000 students. With more than 100 course programs, UM students are given the option to pursue the academic path they desire. In the end, they are provided with all the needed skills and knowledge for both social and professional growth.

Indeed, with degree program offerings from the liberal arts college to the accountancy school, surely Ole Miss has the academic degree suited for you.

Currently, the University of Mississippi has more than 24,250 students including those from UM Medical Center. Of these, about 60 percent of the students are from Mississippi while the remaining are from another state or are international students.

Acceptance Rate at the University of Mississippi

Since the University of Mississippi is known to be an inclusive university which can accept a large number of students, the University of Mississippi has a relatively high acceptance rate of 84%.

To be admitted in this university, you should at least have an SAT score of 1080 to 1300 and an ACT score of 22 to 29.

If you have scored around or even above these, you have a great chance to become one of Ole Miss’ students.


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