The University of North Dakota, or UND, is advertised as a leadership powerhouse, where young people are prepared to become captains of industry or leaders of the nation. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at the University of North Dakota.

Pulitzer Prize Winner Maxwell Anderson (1888-1959) is probably the most famous graduate of the University of North Dakota, along with Byron Dorgan, ex-Senator for North Dakota. The list of UND famous alumni is really long, though!

In evidence that UND has always been ahead of its time come the fact that the institution was founded in the year 1883 – that’s six full years before the official recognition of the state itself. Back then, North and South Dakota were known just as the Dakota Territories.

Today, UND’s campus spreads on more than 500 acres and is the first choice of young people pursuing a career in the fields of Energy Engineering, Medicine, Civil Aviation, and UAS, or Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

This year, UND is the 112th best public university in the USA and resides on the 205th place on America’s Best Universities List.

The student-faculty ratio at UN is 18 to 1, while 39% of the classes have fewer than twenty students.

The most Popular Undergraduate Majors at UND are General Studies and Nursing, followed by Civil Aviation Pilot Training and Flight Crew Training.

Eighty percent of the undergraduate students are generally happy with their experience at the University of North Dakota. Another important metric is the acceptance rate at the University of North Dakota, which is 83%.

Currently, the sports teams of UND reside in NCAA Division I, and the most popular sports at the university, both for men and women, are cross-country, basketball, and football.

The undergraduate tuition fees of UND range from $20,000 a year for residents of North Dakota, to $28,000 for international students.

The cheapest accommodation option is living on campus. The residence halls currently available are Brannon Hall, McVey Hall, Noren Hall, Selke Hall, and Smith Hall. Hancock Hall is only available to graduate students over 21 years of age and postgraduates. The tuition fees listed above include on-campus accommodation and a full-meal plan.

The undergraduate students who are better-off may rent an apartment in UND’s Apartment Community. It offers more than six hundred conveniently located flats with one, two, or three bedrooms. Depending on the number of bedrooms, the monthly rent ranges from $700 to $1,400.

Acceptance Rate at the University of North Dakota

The admission criteria at UND are really straightforward: the higher your GPA, the bigger chance you’ve got to secure a place. For example, candidates with a GPA between 3.5 and 4 need only 960 SAT points or 18 ACT score to get in. By contrast, those with a GPA of 2.75 will need 22 ACT score or 1,100 SAT points to secure an admission.

If you consider applying to the University of North Dakota, keep in mind that the application deadline is rolling. The application fee is $35. Scores for either ACT or SAT are to be submitted by August 20th. With an acceptance rate of 83 percent, the University of North Dakota is a highly-selective public university.


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