Founded in 1842, the University of Notre Dame is a private Catholic university based in Notre Dame, Indiana. Seven schools and colleges make up the University of Notre Dame, which is recognized as one of the best in the US and worldwide. Most of its students live on campus in one of the 31 residential halls. The university is particularly credited for its quality of undergraduate education.

With around 134,000 total alumni, the University of Notre Dame holds one of the strongest college alumni networks in the United States. The University is very known for its athletic programs, football in particular. The success on the football field during the 20th century was in fact what made Notre Dame so popular across the nation, and led to various improvements in infrastructure and curriculum. In this article, we will be looking at the University of Notre Dame scholarships for international students.

International Students at the University of Notre Dame

There are currently 1,500 international students attending Notre Dame, making up 12% of the total student body. 500 of those are undergraduate students. Once admitted, international students receive immediate support from the International Students and Scholar Affairs (ISSA) team.

ISSA helps the students manage everything from documentation and filings with the Department of Homeland Security or immigration, provides orientation of the university, and connects the students with other resources that could benefit them. ISSA also sponsors many social events where students can befriend one another and join clubs.

University of Notre Dame Tuition Fee for International Students

Since the US is by far the most expensive country in the world when it comes to higher education, it is no wonder that Notre Dame charges a staggering $60,000 per year in tuition fees alone. When other expenses such as transport, food, accommodation, and study materials are added, that number can reach up to $80,000 per year. More information on that can be found here.

International Admissions Guide at University of Notre Dame

The admission process begins with the student applying through the Coalition Application portal. There, the student provides all of the necessary information and documents that are necessary including the Notre Dame writing supplement, English language scores, high school or bachelor’s degree information, letters of recommendation, proof of sufficient financial, and passport.

If the university accepts your application and admits you to the school, they will also send you the I-20 form that you need to bring to the embassy to obtain a Student Visa. For more information, you can visit the official admissions page of the university.

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Application Fee

Notre Dame charges $80 for each received application for both undergraduate and graduate applicants.

Admissions Requirements at the University of Notre Dame for International Students

There are three main requirements that students need to meet when applying to Notre Dame. The first one has to do with the student’s GPA. While you can certainly apply with a GPA lower than 4.0, those applications are almost immediately dismissed, as only the students at the top of their class are accepted into Notre Dame.

Other notable requirements include good SAT and ACT scores and proof of English language knowledge, Good SAT scores in some subjects are particularly important for certain majors, while others don’t have this requirement. If you are applying for a master’s degree, you need to have been at the top of your class in your previous school.

University of Notre Dame Rankings

According to the latest U.S. News rankings, Notre Dame is the 19th best university in the nation, ranking highly in service-learning and financial disciplines such as accounting. Internationally, Notre Dame ranks among the top 170 universities in the world according to the Times World University Rankings.

Notre Dame Acceptance Rate

Notre Dame is one of the toughest universities to get into. You will be competing against the world’s best and brightest students, and if your GPA is below 4.0, you will have a hard time getting accepted, but this largely depends on the course you’re applying for. If your GPA is lower than 4.0, you will need to compensate with higher SAT scores or impress with the other parts of your application. The official acceptance rate In 2020 was 15.8%.

University of Notre Dame Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Need-based scholarships

All first-year students that have completed the financial-aid process automatically qualify for a need-based scholarship. This University of Notre Dame scholarship takes into account the students’ financial situation and provides them with enough financial aid to help get them through university. This cannot replace the need for students to have enough funding to begin attending the school and is only intended to help them deal with studies and living costs.

The need-based scholarships can come in the form of club scholarships, which are awarded to club members. There are also private scholarships that students can obtain from third-party organizations.

2. Merit-based scholarships

While merit-based scholarships are few and far between, and extremely competitive to get, Notre Dame does offer them, and they are worth exploring if you are one of the top students in your class. The merit-based scholarships take into account the student’s accomplishments, leadership abilities, community service, and other factors, and reward them for their contribution.

This University of Notre Dame scholarship for international students does not take the student’s financial situation into account during the selection process. Students are not required to apply for merit-based assistance. Instead, they will be notified if they have been selected. Due to the competitiveness of this scholarship, students are encouraged to apply for a need-based scholarship.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Notre Dame Fellowship

From a total of around 500 new students who enroll in graduate studies at Notre Dame, 60-70 of them are awarded one of the available fellowships. Each University of Notre Dame scholarship for international students has different criteria that need to be met, but they are all generally reserved for top-performing students that are entering the university.

The students are selected based on their undergraduate performance and professional potential. All full-time students are automatically eligible to receive a fellowship, but they are extremely competitive and only a few students from each department end up receiving one.

2. Teaching and Research Assistantship

Nearly all doctoral students who attend Notre Dame receive some form of fellowship or assistantship that pays them a regular stipend over the course of up to 12 months. For example, science and engineering students can complete a 9 – 12 month fellowship that will pay them anywhere from $23,293 to $32,544.

In addition to this, Notre Dame also offers even higher-paid fellowships of up to $40,000 per year along with some other benefits. Students can also apply for other forms of internal or external funding through the Office of Grants and Fellowships.

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