The University of Saint Thomas is a private liberal arts college located in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 1885, the institute has a strong religious affiliation with Roman Catholicism. With an enrollment of more the 10,000 students in undergraduate and graduate programs, the University of St. Thomas has the largest student body in the entire state. The campus has an urban setting and covers a land area of 78 acres. According to National Universities (NU), the University of St. Thomas stands at a position of 124 in the United States. The institute is named after Saint Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at the University of Saint Thomas.

The main 78 acres campus of the university is located in Saint Paul. In 1992, the university’s management inaugurated another 3.5-acre campus in Minneapolis. The Minneapolis campus houses the three schools; Thomas Schools of Education, School of Law, and Schulze School of Entrepreneurship. Collectively the two campuses offer 88 majors at the undergraduate level and 41 majors at the graduate level.

The athletic teams of St. Thomas participate in NCAA division 3 level sports. St. Thomas is a leading member of the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC), a consortium of thirteen universities, which coordinates sports activities in the state of Minnesota. A sports complex called Anderson Athletic and Recreational Complex is available to students for practicing sports. The complex houses eight large swimming pools, basketball and volleyball courts, a fully furnished gymnasium, and a field house with a racetrack.

The University of St. Thomas provides excellent housing facilities to its students. More than 2500 students reside on campus in traditional residence halls and apartments. There are 10 single-sex residence halls available to students, whereas the apartments are all co-ed.

The co-curricular activities at the campus are mostly managed by the undergraduate students, under the umbrella of Undergraduate Student Government (USG). Students are provided with excellent dining facilities on campus. Anderson Student Center (ASC), the main gathering spot for students, has a nice coffee shop, a tuck shop, and some vending machines. ASC also contains a book/gift shop called the Tommie shop where you can find books, stationery, and various accessories.

O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library is the central library of the university with more than 1 million volumes. The college also has a library at the Minneapolis campus called Charles J. Keffer Library that houses approximately 200 thousand volumes. More than 97 percent of the undergraduate students at St. Thomas study financial aids in the form of merit and need-based scholarships. On average, each student receives a financial aid of $26,000. The per semester tuition fee of approximately $46,000 is thus reduced to $20,000.

University’s alumni association has more than 100 thousand members all across the world. They include many artists, journalists, businesspersons, sportsmen, politicians, and writers.

Acceptance Rate at the University of St. Thomas

The acceptance rate at the University of St. Thomas last year (2018) was 85 percent. The selection difficulty is quite less. About 5000 students applied for the class of 2022 out of which more than 4200 secured their admission. If you think of yourself as a normal student with average academic performance, you should consider applying here. If you plan to provide your SAT score, it should be greater than 1150 (out of 1600). You have to submit a fee of $50 with your application.


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