The University of San Francisco (USF) was founded in 1855 by Anthony Maraschi. As of 2019, it is the 96th best university in the country. This is a private educational institution closely affiliated to the Jesuit Order in San Francisco. The Jesuit Catholic tradition regards faith and reason as the most important factors for personal development. Yet, it welcomes students from all religions, races, and ethnic groups to apply and continue their studies at the University. In this article, we will be looking at the University of San Francisco’s acceptance rate.

The most popular major at the University of San Francisco in the latest academic year was Nursing, followed by Business Administration and Management. The third most popular choice of major was Finance and Financial Management, while the fourth spot was for General Psychology.

For every full-time or part-time teacher at USF, there are fourteen undergraduate students distributed in a total of 53 majors. Statistically speaking, the fourteen-to-one ratio is slightly worse than that at some of the other private universities in the USA.

In the current academic year, the average tuition fee for full-time undergraduate students is $49,700. Each full-time student is required to earn between twelve and eighteen credits per semester. The above fee includes a double room and a standard meal plan. Students majoring in Nursing are required to pay extra fees for malpractice insurance, the clinical lab course, and fieldwork. If you plan on applying to this university, the good news is that the acceptance rate at the University of San Francisco is 65%, which is pretty high.

The USF offers an excellent opportunity for athletes to apply for a sports scholarship. Their sports teams, nicknamed “The Dons” after the Spanish settlers who first set foot in California, currently reside in NCAA Division I, West Coast Conference.

University of San Francisco Acceptance Rate

Around 1,500 freshmen were admitted to study at the University of San Francisco in the fall of 2018. Of them, 64% were male and 36% female. During the latest admission cycle, the University of San Francisco’s acceptance rate stood at 65%. This is 6% below the previously recorded cycle.

This means that the admission criteria have increased, and it will probably be even harder to secure admission into USF in the oncoming academic year.

To apply, you must submit either your ACT or your SAT score. To secure your admission at the university, your SAT score should be above 1400. If you are planning to apply with your ACT score, it should be above 25.

Last year, the average GPA of USF’s freshmen class was 3.6. The majority of the accepted applicants had mostly A- or B+ grades in high school. In general, the University of San Francisco accepts about two-thirds of all applicants. If your GPA record is good and your ACT or SAT score is within the USF’s general range, you stand pretty good admission chances.


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