The University of Windsor scholarships are being offered to qualified international students! This research university is located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. It began as Assumption College, a theological institution started by the Catholic Church. It became a public university in 1950 and began accepting female scholars. In the 50s, Assumption College was granted university status and the School became the University of Windsor in 1963. International students can get University of Windsor scholarships if they are qualified.

Over 10,000 undergraduates and 3,000 graduate students attend the University. There is approximately 500 staff at the University of Windsor. Almost 20 percent of the student body are international students. Over 100 countries are represented by these students.

The Leddy Library is the campus’ main library. It contains over 3 million volumes, electronic resources, and data sets. Many of the University of Windsor’s labs, classes, and officers are in the War Memorial Building, which is an on-campus landmark. Students have their own building, the CAW Student Center, which houses the school’s radio station, a dental and health office, a photographer, and a pharmacy, among other things. In addition to CJAM-FM, the school’s radio, there are two newspapers, The Lance and The Thirsty Scholar. The St. Denis Center acts as the University’s athletic and recreation facility. There are 3 fraternities and 3 sororities, and all undergraduates are a part of the University of Windsor Student Alliance. The Lancers are the University’s athletic team. They play hockey, basketball, football, soccer, and a few other sports.

The UWindsor endowment totals nearly $90 thousand. The majority of that money goes to providing University of Windsor scholarships and improving the University.

Among the 100,000+ Alumni, there have been many successful actors, business owners, athletes, politicians, and journalists. Many famous graduates have been in the NHL and members of parliament or other governments. The University of Windsor provides many opportunities for its scholars to succeed in their fields and excel upon completing their academic careers.

University of Windsor Scholarships

There are many undergraduate and graduate scholarships offered at University of Windsor. For more information, visit Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships Page.

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University of Windsor Admissions

There are many things that international students will have to consider when choosing a university. Some of the things are academics, research, student life, and finance. In this admissions page, it explains the process of admissions and qualification as well as the previously mentioned quality of the university.


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