The University of Wisconsin Madison (UW-Madison) was founded in 1848, being the first and oldest public land-grant university in Wisconsin. Today, it has 13 schools and colleges handled by 23,917 faculty and staff. As of Fall 2020, 45,540 students chose to study at UW-Madison, where 31,650 are undergraduates and 9,311 are graduates.

Its educational system still stands through the test of time as it ranks top in most rankings including 1st in Best Hospitals in Wisconsin, 13th in America’s Best Colleges among public universities, and 1st in Top producer of Peace Corps volunteers. The university has achieved many of its first including having the first master’s program in quantum computing or the first National Stem Cell Bank. In this article, we will be looking at UW Madison scholarships for international students.

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International Students at the University of Wisconsin Madison

According to data, more than 4,000 international students from over 130 countries are enrolled in the university. To support international students transition fast and easy to life in UW-Madison, the International Student Services (ISS) is the most reliable support system providing information about visas, immigration policies, programs and events. If you’d like to learn how it is like to study at UW-Madison, you can read student testimonials from fellow international students regarding their experience in academics and student life.

The ISS also has several useful quick links about updates, advising appointments, travel tips, taxes, and many more. For a worthwhile experience, international students can engage in various educational programs and events including International Reach: Cross-Cultural Speakers Program, BRIDGE: Building Relationships In Diverse Global Environments, and International Student Advisory Board (ISAB). These programs cater to leadership and career development, intercultural engagement, personal growth, and equal rights.

If you’d like to participate in social events, don’t forget to mark your calendars and use the social events calendar of ISS. These social events are purposely made for international students to foster a multicultural community for lifelong friendships. Every month, UW-Madison hosts several online enriching events like Self-care Time with ISS & MHS, Virtual Engagement: Global Badger Social Hour- Evening, and Global Cafe.

Tuition Fee at the UW-Madison for International Students

The cost of attendance covers the tuition, fees, course materials and supplies, housing, meals, personal expenses, transportation, and loan fees. You can access the estimated cost of attendance (COA) at the Tuition Rates page for both international undergraduate and graduate applicants. Select the semester and choose a specific program.

For instance, the cost of attendance for Summer 2021 for the undergraduate Engineering course is $14,652 for 12 credits. You are also charged a segregated fee of $367. The segregated fee is charged to all students, which covers student services, activities, programs, and facilities. For graduate courses, the cost of attendance is estimated to be $9,387 for 9 or more credits, plus an additional $367 segregated fees.

International Admissions Guide

International students can refer to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment for International Students. Their admissions guide for undergraduates has everything you need to know about the application process and requirements. It has links to the application process and outlines the specific requirements per country. Moreover, you’ll learn about the correct English requirement to present, financing your study, student life, and FAQs. If you are accepted, you can still refer to this guide to know about the next steps after being admitted and how you can plan your travels.

For international graduate applicants, the application is made easy with the graduate admissions guide as it details the steps to apply, from choosing a program to preparing your application requirements and sending your application. On this page, you’ll explore the different degree programs you can apply to and the funding and financial aid you can qualify for. If you have questions in mind, the guide has frequently asked questions covering topics including requirements for international students, final steps, fees, and many more.

Application Fee

The application fee for undergraduate applicants is $60 and is non-refundable. You can apply for an application fee waiver if you demonstrate financial need. For graduate applicants, the application fee is $75.

Admissions Requirements at the University of Wisconsin Madison for International Students

To qualify for an undergraduate program, a course and grade report is required, along with country-specific requirements. You can check your country’s requirements in the undergraduate admissions guide for the Specific Requirements for Common International Curricula. As an additional requirement, you need to show an English language proficiency exam such as TOEFL or IELTS. You’ll also need proof of financial capacity that can fully fund a year of your study.

International graduate applicants need to fulfill the minimum requirements for admission. Generally, a bachelor’s degree, transcripts, grades, English proficiency scores, and enough financial resources are required to apply for a graduate degree. Moreover, each degree program has specific materials for submission. You can refer to the academic programs listed here to learn about course-specific materials.

University of Wisconsin Madison Rankings

As of 2021, the University of Wisconsin Madison is listed 49th in the World University Rankings and 65th in the US College Rankings. In 2020, it placed 33rd in the World Reputation Rankings.

University of Wisconsin Madison Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at the University of Wisconsin Madison is 54.4% from the total of 43,921 applicants. It has a yield rate of 31.6%.

University of Wisconsin Madison Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) scholarship

The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) scholarship is given to all CALS students and granted $250 to $10,000 scholarship amount. Students can be given a scholarship based on their admission application. If you wish to apply, you’ll need to fill out an application form which is given once a year only for this UW-Madison scholarship.

2. Engineering Freshman Award

The Engineering Freshman Award is for exceptional freshmen engineering students. The scholarship amount of this UW-Madison scholarship can range from $1,000 – $3,000 and is given to those who chose the College of Engineering major as their first course option.

If you wish to be granted with any of these scholarships at the University of Wisconson-Madison for international students, you’ll need to apply via Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH). On this page, you’ll find a scholarship that matches your eligibility. Your program department also has course-specific scholarships so you’ll need to visit your program’s website. Visit your school, college, or department of choice for scholarships.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Graduate Assistantships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: a monthly stipend and full tuition waiver

The stipend given depends on the type of assistantship. The annual stipends given are as follows: Research assistantship ($24,816), Teaching assistantship ($20,500), Project assistantship ($25,056), and Lecturer Student Assistant ($22,500). Moreover, students are given a remission of resident and non-resident cost of tuition and health insurance if receiving this UW-Madison scholarship. However, students should still cover the student activity fees.

2. UW–Madison sponsored fellowships

Students receive a graduate fellowship when chosen by their respective program department. More than 200 UW-Madison scholarships are granted every year to currently enrolled and new graduate students. Contact your graduate program department to know about the application process and if you are eligible or not.

For more information on the types of scholarships offered by UW-Madison for international students, check their Funding and Financial Aid page. It covers graduate assistantships, fellowships, research and travel grants, student loans, and jobs.


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