The University of Pennsylvania, or UPenn, is one of the Ivy League schools in the United States. The university, dating back to its foundation in 1740, was initially intended to be an educational institution and a house of worship. Though the university was not completed until a decade later, through the vision of the United States’ founding father, Benjamin Franklin, the University of Pennsylvania became the first university in the country.

The university houses over 26,000 students and more than 4,700 faculty members across its four undergraduate and 12 graduate schools. Life at the university is also on another scale. Its campus’s state-of-the-art facilities and amenities and West Pennsylvania’s hot spots attract both students and tourists. In this article, we will be looking at the University of Pennsylvania scholarships for international students.

Does the University of Pennsylvania Offer Scholarships to International Students?

The University of Pennsylvania has scholarships offered to international students. These awards and scholarships are offered to undergraduate and graduate degrees. The amount and duration may vary depending on your year, program, and nationality. Most of them cover your tuition fees and living stipends.

In the article below, we will be talking about some of the undergraduate and graduate scholarships offered to international students. Make sure to check them out!

International Students Overview

The University of Pennsylvania has almost 5,200 international students, with nearly 50% coming from Asia. The university’s International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) offers various help to international students, scholars, visitors, and faculty. Some of the services provided are immigration assistance, workshops, and events. Moreover, the ISSS ensures that international students overcome any communication issues and become positive global citizens empathetic to people from different cultures through its iCommunicate training.

There are also campus-wide resources available through the ISSS for international students. The health and wellness resources offer the Student Health Service and counseling and psychological services. Meanwhile, the academic and career resources include the Weingarten Learning Resources Center, the Marks Family Writing Center, and the Tutoring Center. Additionally, the Tech Center provides help with technical issues, while the English Language Programs have courses in essential language skills.

Tuition Fee at the University of Pennsylvania for International Students

The undergraduate tuition and fees at the University of Pennsylvania for the latest academic year are $60,000. Besides tuition, these include the general, technology, and clinical fees. International students might also need to pay additional fees such as the New Student Orientation fee, the College House fee, and laboratory fees.

On the other hand, tuition fees differ in graduate schools of the University of Pennsylvania. Some of the graduate schools charge the following for tuition each academic year:

  • Law School: $63,600
  • Perelman School of Medicine: $59,900
  • School of Arts and Sciences: $5,400 to $9,800
  • School of Dental Medicine: $77,600
  • School of Nursing: $46,200
  • School of Social Policy and Practice: $46,700
  • School of Veterinary Medicine: $47,800

Besides the tuition, students may have to pay additional fees such as the general, clinical, technology, and remote learning fees.

International Admissions Guide at the University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania provides undergraduate admissions information here. Its website shows the guidelines international applicants should follow and the available international financial aid. International students looking to complete their degree in less than four years can also refer to the website’s International Advanced Standing information for the eligibility requirements.

The admission process in a graduate program depends on the graduate school. It is best to look through your selected program or school’s admissions website to know the guidelines to follow. You can find general information here.

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Application Fee

The University of Pennsylvania’s application fee is mostly $75, while the graduate admissions at Penn Engineering charge $80.

Admissions Requirements at the University of Pennsylvania for International Students

The University of Pennsylvania expects undergraduate applicants to exhibit academic and extracurricular competencies. As proof of academic standing, international applicants in undergraduate programs must submit their official high school transcript, school reports, counselor recommendations, and two academic teacher recommendations. Moreover, applicants must meet the English language proficiency requirements of the university.

International applicants in graduate programs might also need to report their English Language Proficiency through official test scores from exam providers such as TOEFL, Pearson, and IELTS. Some programs also require passing examinations such as the Graduate Record Examination, Graduate Management Admission Test, Medical College Admission Test, and the Law School Admission Test. Furthermore, graduate schools may have specific entry requirements. Thus, make sure to check the school’s official website for admission requirements.

University of Pennsylvania Rankings

The University of Pennsylvania is indeed one of the top universities in the United States and worldwide. It landed 16th in QS World Universities global rankings for 2021, while Times Higher Education ranked it 13th in its 2021 world university rankings. It also ranked 8th in US News and World Report of best national universities in the United States.

The university’s schools are also receiving international recognition for their academic excellence. Penn Nursing was QS World Universities’ rank one nursing school in 2020. For the sixth consecutive year, UPenn’s Graduate School of Education took the top spot in US News and World Report Best Education Schools, along with Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.

University of Pennsylvania Acceptance Rate

The University of Pennsylvania is highly selective, with an estimated 7.7% acceptance rate. As one of the Ivy League schools in the country, the tight competition among the university hopefuls provides the ideal opportunity for the University of Pennsylvania to choose top-caliber students.

University of Pennsylvania Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. International Student Financial Aid

Since international students are generally not qualified for federal-based scholarships, the University of Pennsylvania offers its institution-funded, need-based financial aid. Prospective applicants can only submit their application for financial assistance along with their university application.

The university commits to providing 100% of the accepted applicants ‘ demonstrated financial need throughout their undergraduate studies through UPenn scholarships and work studies.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Dean’s Diversity Scholarships

Weitzman School of Design offers the Diversity Scholarships, covering up to full tuition per year to students that can potentially contribute to multicultural and socioeconomic diversity awareness at the school. Successful awardees can apply for scholarship renewal for up to their entire study duration at Weitzman as long as they meet the required full-time status and excellent academic standing.

To be considered for this UPenn scholarship for international students, applicants must provide a 500-word Diversity Statement about their intent to increase diversity awareness through their admission application scholarship.

2. Scoville Peace Fellowship

The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship provides selected graduate students salary, benefits, and travel expenses as they serve their fellowships as full-time project assistants for six to nine months at their chosen organization in Washington DC. As project assistants, fellows may be required to attend policy talks, congressional hearings, and coalition meetings with government and NGO experts. Fellows also receive a small stipend for attending policy courses, foreign language courses, and conferences.

3. Ph.D. Funding

Generally, Ph.D. students receive multi-year UPenn Scholarships covering tuition costs, fees, health insurance, and a living stipend in exchange for teaching or conducting research. Some schools provide merit-based and need-based scholarships, and applicants may contact their school for additional information.

You can find more undergraduate and graduate funding through University of Pennsylvania scholarships to international students here.


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