The University of Ulsan (UOU) is one of the best private universities in South Korea. After its establishment in 1969 as Ulsan Institute of Technology, it was later upgraded in 1985 to meet the country’s growing demands. As a fully-fledged university, UOU began to widen its range of undergraduate and graduate programs. The institution is currently divided into 12 colleges and six graduate schools.

Most of the colleges at UOU have research institutes designed to encourage research-based learning. The university has further promoted practical education by partnering with some of the world’s best organizations like Hyundai and SK Energy. Its cooperation with such entities has also opened new scholarship opportunities for those enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate courses. As an international student, you are also eligible for some of these scholarship programs. Let’s take a look at the University of Ulsan scholarships for international students.

International Students at The University of Ulsan

Today, there are more than 14,000 students at the University of Ulsan, with 13,000 and 1,600 enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate programs, respectively. About 5% of this student body (at least 730) is made up of international students.

Once you have been enrolled in your preferred course, you can access various resources designed to help international students adapt to the new environment. For one, the institution provides housing for international students at a monthly fee of $160. In case you miss out on this opportunity, you can always find private housing services outside the campus. For more information, you can contact the UOU International department.

Tuition Fee at The University of Ulsan For International Students

The tuition fee charged at the University of Ulsan is about $8,000 and $11,000 for undergraduate and postgraduate students, respectively. Apart from the studies’ level, the type of course chosen may also determine the total amount of money you will part with every academic year. This value, however, is still somewhat higher than what is paid at other institutions in Korea. To offset these expenses, all students have a chance of applying for as scholarship to supplement their financial muscles.

International Admissions Guide

Before commencing the application process, you first need to decide which course you are planning to take. Once you have determined your choice, you can go ahead and confirm whether you qualify for the program by checking through the requirements on the university’s official website. This is an essential step as it helps you avoid any frustrations in future.

International students are expected to submit their applications through the official online portal. Make sure you attach all the necessary documents as stipulated in the admission guidelines. If you qualify after the assessment process, the school’s administration will contact you for an online interview and further procedures. Therefore, be sure to keep an eye on your email once you are done with the application.

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Application Fee at University of Ulsan

After filling all the forms and followed all the procedures, the final step will be to pay an application fee. All applicants sending their applications to the University of Ulsan are required to pay around $50 as a facilitation fee. Keep in mind that this is a non-refundable fee.

Admission Requirements to the University of Ulsan for international Students

As an international applicant, you will not only be required to submit your academic papers but also some personal identification documents. To ensure that students qualify on merit, every candidate is expected to submit certificates from their previous schools. High school transcripts will do for an undergraduate course. However, all graduates will need to prove that they have successfully completed the relevant undergraduate studies.

Every student from a foreign country should also complete the Korean language Proficiency TOPIK Level 3. Specific cut-off grades and test scores are dependent on the program. Therefore, don’t forget to visit the official program web page before commencing the application process. Some of the personal documents required include copies of your passport and national identification papers from your native country.


Being among the most reputable institutions in South Korea, the University of Ulsan is always expected to rank top in both academic and extra-curricular activities. According to CWRU, the university is ranked 14th in the country, while Top University puts it among the top 130 institutions in Asia. Both of these ranking systems have also consistently ranked the University of Ulsan in the top 600 universities worldwide.

University of Ulsan Acceptance Rate

The University of Ulsan has an acceptance rate of 70% for international students, which is significantly higher than the country’s average rate. As such, the university can be considered as not a very hard university to get into for international students.

University of Ulsan Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Global Korea Scholarship for Undergraduate Programs

University of Ulsan is one of the Korean institutions whose students can access various scholarship programs offered by the government. Therefore, as a member of UOU community, you are eligible to apply for the Global Korea Scholarship provided you meet the requirements. One of the criteria for this University of Ulsan scholarship used is one’s nationality. You must be a holder of a foreign passport, and so should both your parents. Also, your parents must be from the same country as you.

Since many students submit their applications for this financial aid, it can sometimes become quite competitive. As such, your previous academic performance plays a huge role during the assessment process. Although it can vary with the academic years, all applicants are usually expected to present a GPA of more than 80% from the last institution they attended.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Global Korea Scholarship for Graduate Students

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: All initial expenses, accommodation, tuition fee, and Korean language proficiency award

Are you planning to enroll in one of UOU’s graduate programs? Well, as an international student, you will be eligible for the Global Korea Scholarship as soon as you are accepted to the school. This program supports around 1,000 students annually, depending on the turnout and the available budget. To qualify for this University of Ulsan scholarship, you will need to take a one-year Korean language proficiency course unless you have scored higher than level 5 in TOPIK.

Another requirement is that you must be below 40 years at the time of the application. You will also be required to attach your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree acquired from your previous institution. It goes without saying that you must meet the criterion used to identify international students at the institution. For one, you and your parents must be from the same country but outside Korea. That means each one of you should hold a foreign passport. It is also recommended that you arm yourself with copies of your national identification documents in case they are required.


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