Do you want to know the acceptance rate at Vancouver Island University? If you do, you have come to the right place. Before we jump into that, however, let’s discuss the background information.

Vancouver Island University is a public university located in Vancouver Island, British Columbia in Western Canada, and operates several campuses in the coastal British Columbia region as well. Originally founded in 1936, the university has evolved from a college catering to a small group of students to a world-class, prestigious institution of higher education. The university is also renowned for having a large population of First Nations students of Canada and takes pride in its multicultural environment.

VIU was first established as Malaspina College in 1936 and was focused on educating students who studied automotive mechanics. Following a merger of five separate colleges in 1988, VIU was given its university status only in 2008. Since then, the university has undergone dedicated development plans which have helped it to become the prestigious institution that it is today.

Currently, the university comprises several campuses of which the main one is the Nanaimo Campus. Additional areas include the Parksville/Qualicum campus, Powell River campus, and Cowichan campus. VIU has independent buildings for its academics and research including the Deep Bay marine station, the District Geo-Exchange Energy system, and the Richard W. Johnston Centre for International Education. These facilities are invaluable assets to the university’s academic community and further help to bolster the socio-economic environment of Vancouver Island. The university further renovated its main library which now offers an extensive collection of books and journals for the community.

VIU provides a numerous range of academic programs in the form of degrees, certificates, and diplomas in addition to continuing education programs. These include Business degrees, Education courses, Science/technology degrees, Social Sciences degrees, Humanities majors, vocational training, and health/human services programs. The university further offers English language certificates for students who are learning English as a second language (ESL).

In addition to this, students have access to exchange programs via the university’s numerous international partnerships which enable students to study for around 2 semesters overseas. Partner universities include Deakin University (Australia), University of Hertfordshire (UK), University of Central Arkansas (US), and Mejiro University (Japan). This University is relatively new, but it has become prestigious over the years. The acceptance rate at Vancouver Island University, however, is not very low as you might expect of a prestigious university.

At present, VIU has a student enrolment of around 16,000 students. It is one of the few universities in Canada where aboriginal involvement is a top priority and was selected by the Mastercard Foundation to co-create a program called EleV for the success of indigenous students. Approximately 12% of the students on campus are of aboriginal/First Nations ethnicity which makes it one of the largest populations in a Canadian university. Aboriginal elders further exist in the main councils in the university as well as helping to provide support for students. Furthermore, with an international student population of over 1000 students hailing from around 50 different countries, the university is considered to be highly diverse.

The university has produced several alumni over the past few decades who have reached great heights in their fields. With its increasing prestige, VIU is confident that it can keep producing well-rounded graduates who will continue to create waves of progress and development in their respective areas of study in the future.


Vancouver Island University Acceptance Rate

I hope that by reading the introduction, you got a sense of what Vancouver Island University can offer to you. Now, let’s talk about the acceptance rate. Vancouver Island University’s acceptance rate is estimated to be 66%. That means that most likely two out of three students who apply will get accepted. So, do you want to study at this excellent university? If so, you definitely should apply. You have a good chance of getting accepted.


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