Wesleyan University is a private non-sectarian school of liberal arts and science located in Connecticut, U.S.A, named after the Methodist movement founder, John Wesley. It opened in 1831 and initially offered undergraduate courses exclusively to men and eventually accepted female applicants in 1872. From its first 48 students, the university grew to over 3,200 students and more than 400 faculty members, across 1,000 courses in various study fields.

Its main campus sits at 316-acre land and provides a conducive location for studying and a home for its six colleges and five research centers. With over 300 buildings, the Wesleyan campus fulfills the academic and extracurricular needs of its students. Moreover, the university has numerous contributions to its local community in Middletown, Connecticut. If you’re looking to study at Wesleyan University, you will learn more about the admissions and Wesleyan University scholarships for international students in this article.

International Students at Wesleyan

Wesleyan University has over 540 international students representing 62 countries across its undergraduate and graduate programs, with several Asian countries and Canada topping its global enrollment percentage. The university’s Office of International Affairs provides academic resources and referral services.

For their academic needs, international students may reach out to Student Academic Resources through the Office of International Affairs, which offers the Peer Tutoring Program, various educational support services, and accessibility services. Some academic support services include academic skills-building through individual meetings or group workshops and technology consultations.

Several referral services also provide additional support to international students. These include the Fries Center for Global Studies, the university’s center for multicultural activities and engagements. Health, psychological and counseling services are also available to students. Furthermore, the Wesleyan Financial Aid office provides international students the opportunity to study regardless of their economic struggles.

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Tuition Fee for International Students

The tuition fee at the Wesleyan University is $59,100 for first-year students in the undergraduate program. Besides tuition, international students might also need to pay for matriculation fee, Student Activity fee, course registration fee, and the Green Fund fee, which is for sustainability projects on campus.

Most graduate programs in Masters and Ph.D. at Wesleyan University cover the tuition costs through assistantships or fellowships. However, the Graduate Liberal Studies charges $1,000 to $6,200 per credit unit or program. Besides the tuition, students will have to pay for a non-refundable fee of $100 and other additional course fees. The university offers financial aids in different forms to help students finance their education.

International Admissions Guide

As the Wesleyan University accepts applicants regardless of citizenship, the university applies the same admission process for domestic and international applicants. For international students, you can check this link for additional information on application deadlines, standardized tests, and English language proficiency requirements. For graduate studies, application guidelines may differ depending on the department. You can visit this link to see the list of departments and their respective application process.

Application Fee at Wesleyan University

The application fee at Wesleyan University is $55 for undergraduate studies and $85 for selected graduate programs.

Admissions Requirements at the Wesleyan University for International Students

As Wesleyan University accepts students from different parts of the world, international applicants looking to join its undergraduate programs have to meet specific admission requirements. The university requires international applicants to have competitive secondary school background in social sciences, science, mathematics, and foreign language. Applicants must also demonstrate high English language proficiency and have received outstanding results if they have taken national examinations, like A-Levels, French Baccalaureate, or International Baccalaureate.

On the other hand, the admission requirements for graduate studies at Wesleyan University vary across degrees and departments. Generally, applicants must provide proof of bachelor’s degree completion and foreign language proficiency. Students whose first language was not English must also submit an official TOEFL score from College Entrance Examination Board, Educational Testing Service at Princeton, New Jersey.


Wesleyan University ranks on several notable lists in the country. The top U.S. liberal arts college list of Forbes magazine in 2019 ranked the university 10th. Meanwhile, the Times Higher Education and the Wall Street Journal placed Wesleyan University at 12th in its liberal arts colleges list for 2021. In 2020, Washington Monthly ranked the university 2nd in liberal arts colleges.

The university’s film program also received various recognitions in the country. The Hollywood Reported placed Wesleyan University at 12th for its 2020 top 25 U.S. Film Schools list. The university also took 9th place on College Choice’s 2020 Best Film Bachelor’s Degree list. Furthermore, the university joins Variety’s top film schools for the 2020 list.

Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at Wesleyan University is 20.7%, which makes it a highly selective school. Despite this, the university continues to attract students from different parts of the country. In fact, over 45% of the student body live outside the New England region, while over 10% are considered international students. Besides its high-quality education, the university provides various forms of financial aids to its accepted students, making it one of the preferred colleges in the country.

Wesleyan University Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Freeman Asian Scholarship Program

The Freeman Asian Scholarship Program accepts international applicants who are demonstrating economic needs from selected Asian countries, including the People’s Republic of China, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Moreover, the scholarship awards students on the basis of academic achievements, strong personal qualities, and extracurricular activities. The scholarship benefits include total tuition costs and room and board for the entire four-year undergraduate study duration.

To apply for this Wesleyan University scholarship for international students, applicants must go through the university’s online platforms, the Common or Coalition Application, and provide educational background information and documents, essays, recommendation letters, and scores for national examinations if available.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Assistantships and Fellowships

Most admitted graduate students enter the assistantships or fellowships at Wesleyan University. These Wesleyan University scholarships cover the tuition costs for up to eight course credits per year and a monthly stipend, which varies across programs. Graduate students in Science and Mathematics programs receive up to $34,000 yearly in wages, while those from Music and Ethnomusicology receive $29,000 annually.

In exchange for the financial benefits, graduate students provide work through instruction or research. As assistants and fellows provide work, they are also required to file taxes and have their own insurance. The university remits two-thirds of the students’ insurance fees towards a health insurance plan.

2. Gateway Grant SSRC International Dissertation Research Fellowship

The Gateway Grant SSRC International Dissertation Research Fellowship is one of the available fellowships for international students at Wesleyan University. Admitted fellows in humanities and social sciences programs will receive financial support for up to 12 months as they work on their research outside the U.S. Besides the $5,000 summer research support, successful Ph.D. candidates will also receive travel compensation and lodging and meal expenses with this Wesleyan University scholarship.

Additionally, the university works with international institutions to extend financial support to graduate students. You can find more Humanities and Social Sciences significant fellowships and Wesleyan University graduate scholarships for international students here.


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